Here at Monkey Climber we love an interview. That is exactly why we spend loads of time making at least one per issue, visiting our interviewee rather than mailing him over a random series of questions. The end result always is surprising and ever so genuine. Some mega interviews we did are the ones with Rod Hutchinson, Michael Flosdorf, Raf Van Opstal, Phil Cottenier, Gaz Fareham to name but a few, all good reads.

Last month we’ve been interviewed a couple of times ourselves. We’ve had some cool coverage in Advanced Carp Fishing, did a mega piece with the boys at Dé Karperwereld magazine and had a real fun interview with Andy from Fish In My Pocket over in Austria. The latter is available as a two part interview, both in German and in English. Check it out.

MC x FIMP interview pt I German

MC x FIMP interview pt I English

MC x FIMP interview pt II German

MC x FIMP interview pt II English