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Monkey Climber Cz/Sk

Last month we’ve added a new distributor for Czechia and Slovakia to our growing list of Distro’s. Robin is the guy behind it and he plans not only to do our merch, but also translate some of our best magazine pieces into his mother tongue.

Give the guys in Cz/Sk a follow by liking this page!

Update! Another Cz/Sk distro in town! Go and check out Carpnation!

Payconiq payments now accepted as well

If you don’t have a PayPal account to pay us on our Bigcartel, and don’t want to go through the hassle of (inter)national bank transfers, we now offer a new method of direct payment: the Payconiq app. Payconiq is super easy, you download the app, ask us for the total amount of your order and you simply ping it over in one click.

At shows like Carp Zwolle and on open days we never carry a Bancontact machine, so Payconiq again is the solution.

As for the Bigcartel, we are currently shooting all the merch and updating the whole shop pretty soon.


Toko Hengelsport nieuwe Monkey Climber distro

Toko Hengelsport is met zijn tien maanden een vrije jonge winkel in Maastricht (NL, maar ook weer vlakbij de Be grens), en aardig op weg om een gevestigde waarde in de karperwereld te worden. Eigenaars Raymond en Kelly zijn top, de winkel is bijzonder aardig ingericht met tal van klassemerken, en… Toko Hengelsport verdeelt sinds kort niet alleen onze magazines maar ook een selectie van de Monkey Climber merchandise. Ga het nu checken in de Clavecymbelstraat 9, 6217 CP Maastricht!






Tons of new Monkey Climber merch for Carp Zwolle

Well as you may have guessed Monkey Climber magazine not coming to Carp Zwolle 2017 empty handed. We’ll bring piles of our newest magazine MC#11, loads of stock on the current items, plus a ton of rad new stuff. The plan was to have these shot properly for another lookbook, but since time is always short we just did some quick snaps ourselves so you can see the real deal. Like it? Let us know and come and say hello to us on our booth in Hall 2.

Inspiration for these new Territory shirts and crewnecks was taken from both the hardcore scene and old school angling shirts. Think of the Belgian band Rise & Fall meeting the Yateley Yahoo Crew, lol. Featuring a very sick thick font, and a reference to our coastal stamping ground Ostend. Surely, you don’t have to live here to wear one of these. Moreover, for the first time we’ve chosen for bio, fairwear textile, hence they are a tad more expensive at 24,95 euros. Shirts come in two colours (Heather Ash and Mid Heather Khaki), crewneck one colour only (Heather Grey).



Surf’s up! Carp’s up! Probably the sweetest design we ever made! Obviously the idea for our Carp Shaka shirts and crewnecks comes from the surfing mind of our designer Eve who worked closely together with two illustrators (thx guys!) to get this design perfectly as she wanted it. Carp Shaka is all about good carp karma, and just like the well known surfing shaka sign we, carp anglers, should all use it to greet eachother on the bank. Again hand silk screen printed on bio, fairwear textile, hence they are a tad more expensive at 24,95 euros for the shirts and 45 euros for the crewnecks. Shirts come in three colours (Heather Black Denim, Heather Grape Red and Sub Mid Heather Clay), the crewnecks coming in three colourways too, different ones though (Heather Scarab Green, Dark Heather Denim and Mid Heather Teal). All will have a sweet, new yellow Monkey Climber label tag as well (not in the pictures yet).




With the popularity of our Cult 5 panels and beanies we thought it to be a nice idea to have a simple Cult shirt hand silk screen printed as well. Again we’ve selected bio, fairwear textile for this one, hence they are a tad more expensive at 24,95 euros. This one comes in one colourway for now, Slub Heather Blue it is for now.


We’ve been using the hashtag #keepersofthefaith for a while now, and we decided to print some sweet Keepers of the Faith shirts and hoodies with the design our editor Gio made for the tattoo on his arm. Featuring a candle burning ‘Monkey Climber’ with the initials K.O.T.F. on the front, full Keepers of the Faith anthem on the back. To be honest, another proper hardcore inspired design, for those who dig our fav band Terror. Coming in Black only, at 18,95 euros for the shirts, 36,50 euros for the hoods.


Brandnew white Day & Night shirts featuring our Cult Carp Mag tag as a pocket print on the front and this stylish Day & Night design as commissioned for us by a Belgian illustrator. One you can wear at all times (daily life, pub/club visits, etc.). White only, pretty limited stock, at 18,95 euros per piece only.



New Pocket Tee designs. We’ve got crazy mad Secret Squirrels, Night Owls, Ducks, Bear Cubs, etc. Depending on size and stock now coming in two colours: Black and the all new Cream Heather Grey. We handcraft these ourselves at the Monkey Climber HQ, so we take a lot of pride in them. Damage: 25 euros per piece.




Brandnew Headwear. This year it will be the first time we will have plenty of stock of our 5 panels and snapbacks at the show, bringing a good number of new styles and designs along as well (5 new ones in total we think). Here’s a sneak preview of our all new Triangle Snapbacks and Logo Mesh Caps. 25 euros per piece.




Not to forget a shitload of our recently launched Esterella pop ups as well 🙂


There’s probably still a few more new items. Now we think of it, there’s an all new black Totebag featuring our logo, our Tail of Friendship design now coming as a black hoodie as well, etc. Come and see it for yourself at the Zwolle show 🙂

New Cult beanies now in

Brandnew Monkey Climber Cult Carp Mag beanies for the Carp Zwolle show looking amazing! Ltd. number available at the show, be quick. Coming in a wide array of colours: Camou, Heather Grey, Antique Burgundy, Antique Fuschia, Antique Grey, Antique Moss Green, Antique Mustard, Antique Petrol, Antique Royal Blue, Heather Burgundy, Heather Oatmeal, Heather Purple, Heather Red, Heather Royal, Sand. These sweet beanies feature our sweet ‘Cult Carp Mag’ label, a sick title the boys at Fortis Eyewear/iAngler conceived for us when building this website.

Any leftovers and possibly new stock will be added to the Bigcartel shop after the show.

Damage: 14,99 euros/piece (camou ones 15,99 euros/piece)