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Video: Into the heart of nature

Both couples, Alex and Patricia of Carp Watercraft and Alex and Caroline of Carp Gypsies, changed their way of living in favor of a more wholesome existence. Living very cheaply (no house, no mobile, no electric, no car other than the one they live in, they forage wild food, drink lake water, write articles, exchange instead of buy and most importantly invested much of their time into changing their minds regarding what is necessary to be happy), they are now featuring in a fantastic new Facebook video called ‘Into The Hear Of Nature’ “In nature there is all we need in abundance and always has been”, they say, and believe us, this video shows there is more to carp angling than just carp…

As it’s a Facebook vid we cannot embed it on here unfortunately, but please do click on this link if you wish to see something beautiful today 🙂


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Freedom is something that needs to be fed every day. It is an ever-lasting escape from obligations and requires the simple bravery of just letting go. Freedom comes with stepping out of the pleasant state of control. Although control is what makes you feel “safe” during your everyday life, it is beyond your control when you experience the unforeseeable that may pull you into a beautiful stream of magic.

It is now five months that we aimed to escape from everyday duties and limitations. An adventure started that pulsates, pushing us back and forth between the world of society and nature. In this trip, fishing is the medium to realize that you cannot foresee anything. However, with believing in your knowledge and reading the signs of perception you may come to a state of mind that allows you retrospectively to feel that you followed a certain chain of reaction that resulted in a gift that you deserved.

Your mind can create anything. Be aware of it as your mind can easily become bored. There is no constant high or down. As long as you can let go there will always be surprise. This is what we are after. We have to remind ourselves every day not to limit us with trying to give our trip a meaning. No one said that it is easy to be free. It is a long process that starts after you lost your liberty in your childhood and ends when you reach contentedness; at least temporarily.


Alex and Caroline

Five months ago Alex and Caroline set off on an adventure only very few would ever dare to make. Leaving everything from their jobs to places to live behind, they embarked on a one year journey searching for carp all over Europe. Just two wonderful persons, one van, a bit of pocket money,… living their dream and enjoying what very few still can enjoy to the fullest these days: freedom! If you ever wondered what it would be like to live a full year on the bank, if they encounter any problems, what the future for them will bring, or if you have any specific questions – non sexist (!) – please mail them with the topic ‘Ask Alex’ to us on and we’ll be doing a mini interview with the adventurous pair after selecting the best ten. 

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