Speero tackle: the beginning of a new era

As many carp anglers or anglers will know, a carp-based brand doesn’t come out of the woodwork very often. Everyone likes their luggage to be functional and user friendly. Working alongside a couple of established brands in other outdoor sectors, plus many years’ experience has gone into the creation of our new luggage range. Two carp anglers, Dean and I (Ross) have been in the trade for a fair while. Wehave put together 35+ years trade experience and over 53 years of carp angling experience to good use. We have been working side by side designing products to be prototyped, adjusted and everything in between. Dean is a specialist when it comes to designing products having designed a fair few products in the past, where my field is more social media, advertising and photography based. Having worked together in the past we have both established a good working relationship. 

You’re probably wondering where the name “Speero Tackle” came from? Well, the only way we can really put it is like this – we sat and went through many names over countless hours in the office with our directors and the name Speero had arisen. The other way we look at is if you take the name Apple for instance, no disrespect to the brand but what relevance does Apple have to technology? 

Since the day we launched, we have certainly produced a few game changing products which have turned many heads. Our flagship products are our modular range which encompasses a few fair-sized items of luggage i.e. Modular Bait bag, Modular Carryall and Modular Rucksack. The modular items feature a buckle on each corner which allows you to attach one of our clip-on bags which are available in a cool and standard version. 

In addition to the range, we also have a whole host of pouches and an ever-growing clothing line, from a waterproof suit to fleece wear for the colder months. We really recommend you look at the range on our website and see what you think, we really do have something for everyone. This is just the start for the brand, and we intend on doing everything we can to keep it moving forward. 

Discover now from www.speero.co.uk and soon in EU tackle shops too!