Recently Solar Tackle and Monkey Climber jave joined forces and launched a very special pop-up called Octoblend 12.

This special blend of flavours is carefully selected, and for some of you no stranger. Only Solar’s finest flavours have been used to create the Octoblend 12 combination. The scent that is releases is a bit fishy but then the pungent fruit kicks in too. This combination is the best of both worlds which makes it so special indeed. The pop ups are ultra boyant and needle friendly, making them ideal for many applications such as the Chod Rig, Ronnies and Snowmans. Its structure makes the flavours release easily, even in cold water.

This pop-up has been kept under the hat by many anglers and proved to be extremely succesful. Now it’s avaliable under the Monkey Climber banner, and is already proving very succesful indeed.

When I got my hands on these little pearls, I started using them straightaway on the Heikant syndicate lake over here in Belgium. A very tough lake, and a perfect venue to test them out. And success came quickly with the first quick session caching Two Tone, one of the main target fish and elusive fish in the lake was banked. It was also its first capture of the year. And several other followed in quick succession. I’m convinced many fish will be caught using these little gems, they already got a permanent place in my rucksack thats for sure!

Ignace De Roeck

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