Although having only met the legendary man once in my lifetime, Rod left such an impression when we interviewed him at his Lincolnshire home five years ago. Me and @__maf___ spent the whole day with him, chatting, going through old slides, sharing the funniest of stories, playing guitar, going to the local pub, picking his fav boxing mags up at the local newspaper store,… Having had a superb day we left him with a feeling of melancholy and sadness though that day, knowing our paths would probably never cross again. It is hard to describe the feeling we have since hearing the terrible news last night, but knowing he lived life to the fullest and hearing the tunes we recorded of him puts a smile back on our faces. It is a shame that a lot of you couldn’t read the interview with Rod, the man that is larger than life, as it was published in Dutch only. These past two years we have been working hard on an English issue of our mag and the good news is we have the Rod piece done for quite some time now. As Rod was THE inspiration to us all, it now really is time to publish this. More than ever! Rest in power, Rod, till we meet again.