Quick overnighter for virgin carp with Alan Blair and Oli Davies

Last Wednesday we received a message from the legendary Alan Blair asking if we could do a quick overnighter the following day. Short notice you might think, but we were happy there was more than 24h this time to arrange something. Usually Alan messages just hours before coming round, as is the case in the last Eurobanx 6 🙂

Anyway, with few options available we agreed going to the Monkey Climber syndicate but then my friend Jeroen Verhoye from Kingbaits came up with an amazing invitation. "How would boys feel fishing a private estate lake that's never been fished before?" Jeroen had all our attention, not knowing what was in the place. If any at all...

To make a long story short. Alan and Oli arrived late on Thursday night at masterchef Jeroen's restaurant/hotel, after which we went to the lake. Even though it was dark AF we were all in awe with the place. Alan and Oli started lamping the place in search of carp, whilst Jeroen helped me setting up two rods. A quick lead around learned there was no depth, max 2ft. And the place was full of dead lilly pads. We all chucked out some pop up rigs with PVA bags in the hope the carp would find them. Oli was clearly on the carp and had already his first by 1pm. In quick succession four more followed. Had a take myself too in between and by the time Oli had his last bite, Alan awoke around 3.30am. After helping Oli a hand, Alan started fishing actively but couldn't buy a bite... Well, that was until he used his never failing slow sinking maggot approach! 

Biggest Oli had must have been an upper 20, making us wonder what's more in this unfished, heavily controlled place. Thanks for the mega night J., a once in a lifetime chance! X