Northern Angling Show sightseeing 

On Friday Feb 22nd Monkey Climber went on route again. After the Zwolle show and an open day in Austria it was now time to hit the third country in as many weeks: the UK! Needless to say we were stoked. The plan was to leave on Friday as early as possible, take the Eurotunnel in Calais and start driving up North to Manchester with a quick stop at Matrix Innovations/Johnsson Ross tackle. Than plan would leave us plenty of time to arrive late afternoon at the Northern Angling Show, set some bits up with the Wofte boys and then go fishing with the iPhone Carpers. Guess nothing goes to plan when having to drive through the UK...

All went smoothly though until noon, when we met up with our friend Anthony from Johnsson Ross Tackle and Matrix Innovations. Had to pick up an order of our most popular collab hangers and monkey climbers we do, as well as have a sniff around in the shop. Our friend Phil bought himself some carpy mugs (which he broke later on the way anyway, anyone knows who designed these?), Ward some light in the dark plastic and I myself fell in love with some OG John Baker flavours. We had a quick meal at the local zero star restaurant and followed our way up North soon.

This is where all went a bit wrong. We know some major works were going on around Birmingham, with huge traffic jams. Despite Anthony's advice of driving up to Leeds and then going back, and despite my iPhone saying that too, we followed our personal satnav Phil aka P.B. This man being a true anglophile, doing a handful trips each years for the past twenty years or more, was totally prepared. Two pages full of written notes which we should follow strictly should lead us through the UK without any hassle...

To make a long story short it took us twelve hours since we left in the morning until arriving at the Northern Angling Show half an hour before closure time on the Friday night. Our dearest Phil sent us on a little sightseeing trip, through the Peak District and all. All in all very beautiful, with some legendary quotes and oneliners during that lengthy drive. At some point Ward said, totally out of the blue: "I could be sheep here.", followed only moments later by Phil: "Hold on, move a little to your side so I can put it in!" 🙂

Needless to say we arrived totally shattered, with no desire of fishing any more. Just wanted to have some food and sleep, so we went to the ASDA next door and put our bivvies up next to the show building 🙂

In the morning we met up with the Wofte boys and had the most pleasant day we could imagine. Met up with so many faces we knew from Facebook but never seen before, loads of people who fished our Eurobanx 1 spot too 🙂

Thx for your support and thanks for having us! Hopefully until next year!

Pic captions (from top to bottom):

1. Classic tackle shop pose at Johnson Ross.

2. "Morning peasant!" Classic Blackadder 1 quote Phil and myself always use.

3. Traffic sign's right!

4. Peak District...

5. ... never follow sheep a wise man once told me!

6. Ward aka President Tramp.

7. Midnight sticker pack making for the show! #dedication

8. 6.45am first people already queuing up and giving us strange looks.

9. Hotel NAS.

10. The Boys. Like crew, like glue.