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Well, guess you all know our Italian buddy, overall respected author and globetrotter Enrico Parmeggiani (in our minds we always pronounce it like some Italian speaking Brad Pitt in the legendary Inglourious Basterds, just kidding mate) and his tales of adventure and fortune, in the seeking of carp that is, from all over the Continent.

The big man recently embarked on a month long trip and has just let us know that he’s fulfilled one of his fondest dreams, catching carp from the northest of north, in the deepest of Finland. Here’s what he has to say about his encounters with Frodo and co:

“As promised here’s some pictures from my last trip to the extreme north of Europe, where I’ve been spending some nights in Finland challenging some of the most unknown and pristine carp you can find in Europe these days.

The outcome was far better than expected. I’ve been fishing three different lakes, but one in particular gave me some really good results with carp up to 17.8 kilos (read.: high 30lb fish). I know this may sound like a normal weight in Europe these days, but believe me in a country where lakes are solid frozen for 4-5 months a year this is a true specimen!! Moreover, the atmosphere up there was second to none. A feeling in the air, that nothing can compare to, you know.

No bivvy, no chair, no bedchair, nothing here, as most of the time you need to hike half an hour between swamp and forest. So I had to review my gear to travel as light as possible, sleeping on an air mattress in an ultralight trekking tent, a different way of doing it and not comfortable at all, but really worth the effort in the end! Some of you might know I am constantly travelling across the globe for my work at Prologic.

As product development is a big part of my role (sorry for the product plug here, but I am overexcited about these), this extreme trip was also the perfect opportunity to test our new SNZ bite alarms that will be available from September this year. They truly did what they needed to do in really the most demanding conditions, which makes me an extra happy chappy.”

Sounds like some proper MC adventure man, hopefully the full story will roll off our printers one day 🙂