Monkey Climber 2019 Waesmeer social in words and pics

Last weekend the Monkey crew visited the prolific Belgian Waesmeer syndicate for a social and it was total fun for all sixteen of us. Carp were very hard to catch though with only six being caught over both days. Expect nothing, eh 🙂

For myself the weekend was too crazy and a total rush. Firstly, to get there. I had (still have) so much work going on I left last minute with some freshly rolled, still damping Live Systems in my van. I had to pick up some stuff at Ikea on my way to the lake, so lost a bit of time there and arrived 15 minutes late at my own social! Not the one really, sorry boys! After drawing the pegs with the aid of Bart from Digital Angling it was time to our swims. Ward and myself were to share a swim on the opposite side of the lake, for which I needed my syndicate key that didn't work on the first few attempts. In the end I was lucky so we could enter the lake.

Nothing much happened on the fishing front that first. We had the Wofte boys over for a quick visit after which they were to go to the Monkey Climber syndicate. Louis and Tristan were so kind to share their last food as Ward and myself had to survive on eight pancakes and Nutella. Forgot the foodbag, proper schoolboy error! It was the first time I fished the swim that came out of our draw and we were lucky to find a very small, hard spot at distance. The bobbins remainend motionless, for everyone on the lake really. 

That was until Saturday morning when Sam, the winner of the Bigcartel contest to win a free ticket to the social, had a take at 6am which sadly pulled the hook minutes later. At 9.20 am he had another change which resulted in an absolute stunning mirror. Both takes came on our white Esterella pop ups which are now sold out.

Sam could only stay one night because it was his GF's 25th birthday (congratz by the way) so Ward and myself kindly took his swim over which was a very long walk. Distance fishing was the one here so it took us the whole afternoon to change our set ups, amidst all the rain and mega winds. We finished just in time at 6pm, just when I needed to go for a couple of hours myself because of a double booking myself. I had promised the GF to go to a housewarming party of her best friend, man's gotta do what man's gotta do, eh!?

Upon my return well after midnight it appeared that Yaro, a 13 year old friend who was fishing with our buddy Samuel, had missed a take on Samuels rods. He had been able to pull the fish away from the snags but minutes later the hooklink snapped in what they thought was open water. As we were discussing the course of events, Yaro's rod with a PJ Zig Rig and one of Solar Octoblend 12 collab pop ups went! After a stressful fight Samuel could net a stunning slate grey mirror for the young man which went 12,4 kilos on the scales! Most probably the first ever zig caught fish here, just amazing!

By the time it was 2am I was back in my own swim and discovered that Ward had a pretty mirror in the sling as well. I decided to make another move around to a snaggy corner, fishing two rods close in. Tight clutches meant I wasn't sleeping too well as I knew I had to jump on the any take right away so the fish couldn't melt off. Two hours of waking and no sleep later my left hander started shaking like mad but as I leaned into it I knew it was only a bream. At 5.20 am I still had had no sleep, only to be awoken one hour later to total bent right hander with a a beautiful 11 kilo mirror on the end. Just as I had Jonas - named Johan by PJ - walked in for a chat so I decided to stay up. 

Ward and myself jumped into someone's garden for some quick pics after which we loaded our barrows for the long walk back. All of us chatted long in the car park and laughed our asses off really. 

Roll on the Heylakker social now, which is in just a month from here!