May 1st: International Carp Liberation Day!

Last year, on this day, we went to Lac du Der and joined our friend Samir Carplifer and a great bunch of locals to get the Big Girl over 90lbs back from a tiny paylake to its original home, this with the aid of official vets and cops. In MC#14 we did a full write up, and we also published the video below. From now on May 1st will be known as International Carp Liberation Day.  




Recently we've been more than active to defend carp fishing rights: with Monkey Climber we've exposed the situation of big carp getting killed in the centre of Lyon, France, then there was the huge Leaf Lake fish kill over here in Belgium where everyone stood by and did nothing (this one has still not ended), this morning we've brought the news of a river arm that will need to make place for an industry's car park and we've just got the news in from one of our followers, Koen Wackenier, who could stop some guys killing carp at a local club lake over here. Showing how it's done! 

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