Keeping the Austrian Faith

As you will know, the Monkey Climber force is strong in Austria. After visiting it as a tourist before, and twice for shows in recent years, we just love the country! If it wasn't for Covid-19 we would now have been fishing there...

The virus has hit Austria badly, especially in its skiing regions, but as it seems, the government is now trying to exit their lockdown gradually. Angling has been forbidden for a long time, but now just allowed again. 

As we are getting a lot of pictures from several friends and faithkeepers over there, we've decided to put these little series of clicks on our Blog as short updates hoping to inspire people that are still under lockdown, just like ourselves.

Here's an update by our Austrian friend Markus Rabl, newschool guy but his pics have a proper oldschool touch we feel. 

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Facebook: Markus Rabl

Instagram: markus_rabl_nashtackle