Beginning of September saw us present at the Hengelsport Waasland open day, where we met up with young, 17 year old Mylan. Apparently Mylan knew me from a loooong time ago, but I just could not recall from where. That’s until he explained that seven years ago he attended a youth day at a local club, which was coarse fishing only.

I attended it as an instructor on behalf of the Belgian Angling Trust I still work for to this day, but couldn’t help myself to fish one rod for carp too. Think we caught two or three in a couple of hours, and from that moment Mylan decided he just wanted to fish for carp too… To be honest, it pretty much gave me goosebumps when he told my his carp fishing inspiration comes from me all that time ago, and judging from his pics he is doing ever so well now. Big up!