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Thanks to Olle, one of the good friends we made by doing Monkey Climber magazine, I had the chance to fish an overnighter on a private estate lake last year. The lake itself was originally dug more than hundred years ago as a boating lake for a wealthy Walloon family living on the large 19th Century estate.

Most interestingly, this intimate lake also held a small head of very old carp. The 90 year old woman now living the manor house had no recollection at all as to when these fish were stocked, but they were only fished for less than a handful of times! As Olle is the only one permitted to do so, needless to say, I was thrilled!

The thought of fishing for possibly virgin carp lit my fire on the long way down, despite having just fished an almost sleepless night with Pieter and Gilles at the other side of the country. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by the most fabulous atmosphere bathing in the early Spring sun. Never had I seen such a cosy place, neither margins covered in thick bamboo reeds. It felt like every minute a panda could show up from in between…

The fishing was quite slow for the first part of the day and night, but a change of tactics the next day brought us a quick succession of takes. I won’t bother you with details, but just wanted to share these carp time forgot. Judging from their looks and recovered scars, these lovely creatures were perhaps older than the two of us, and never had we seen fish in a more immaculate condition than these sweet little pearls…

Recently we had another dabble on this little gem. Fishing from the boathouse, Winter fishing is no pain here… It is good to have friends like these.

MC Crew

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