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Monkey Climber magazine never was about fame, nor will it ever be. We’re three years down the line now from when we initially coughed up the idea of doing a proper DIY magazine and made so many new experiences, good and bad alike.

As with fishing, there’s always been a bit of luck involved when it comes down to compiling our issues. Like that time middle of November last year, just a few days before going tot the printers, when we still hadn’t got a good cover image. Gareth Fareham turned up here for a couple of days fishing and on the last morning, you know, we had this stunning common in true Hilton style pictured…

Now, with the release of MC Five it wasn’t different. We were really lucky to receive an unexpected phone call from Belgian national TV resulting in us being followed by a film crew for one whole day whilst finalizing our latest issue.

Check the video out here by clicking on the below image (Dutch only):

00 Hitting the Big Screen

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