Mega news: 5 tonnes of common carp stocked in north of holland

Nothing but love today, Saturday Dec. 15th 2018. A day that will go into the history books of Benelux carp angling. Over the past fifteen years, or even more, we've seen numerous stockings of mirrors on canals and rivers in the Benelux, thanks to the likes of the BVK and organizations like VBK, KSN, ANB. The reason why these mirrors were and still are being stocked is that catch reports showed that only a small percentage of the average catch rate on these particular waters were actually mirrors. Commons were just predominant.

Recently we are being confronted with the fact that the old stocks of commons needed new blood too, especially as natural reproduction is as good as non existent. A major problem not everyone is aware of, but something we at Monkey Climber can fully rely to. Our new offices laying next to a Belgian canal we grew up on originally with multiple catches of 6 commons in only a couple of hours fishing, now only does a bite per night. Not sure were all those fish have gone too, maybe died of old age, or pollution, or maybe even taken to private waters...

Them northerners in Holland are being confronted by the same problems we notice today and they just did what was needed, pulling some strings and getting no less than 5.000 kilos of common carp stocked into over 40 waters today. Mainly K3 and also a few K1 carp. Mega result and smiles all along! If you watch these pics (taken by the talented Willem Barnas) closely you only see twinkly-eyed love, childhood dreams becoming reality,... There is just something about these images breathing emotion(s) all over, something that makes us proud of carp angling again!

Big up to everyone involved, we'll owe you one. Now, and forever!

Monkey Climber