Our friends at Nash have just released some sweet free bone for y’all: their newest Nashbait Bait Booklet! About time they did so, we’ve been sitting numerous times in the Chesterfields in Nashy’s old HQ looking at all the jawbreaking carp Kevin Nash himself has caught back in the day, but never made to the Benelux press. Now, with the re-release of some of their iconic baits, a part of these are featured in the new booklet, as we noticed.

Nashy’s press release: “Perhaps the greatest carp book ever to be given away the Nashbait Bait Booklet, or Bait Bible as it has become known is 84 pages of full colour, no holds barred insight into the world of modern carp bait by Kevin Nash himself.

From a man who was there in the potatoes and crust era and has shaped carp bait history with the development of Nashbait and its iconic products, this beautifully designed A5 booklet is an essential reference not just for some of Nashbait greatest products but for a unique, warts and all insight into carp bait – what, why and where.

From custom hookbaits to presentation edges, surface fishing, attractor baits and HNVs, even the most time served carp angler can’t fail to learn from this remarkable work.

Pick a copy up FREE at your local Nash retailer now – you’ll never look at carp bait the same way again!”