Forgotten Flavours collab dropping friday aug 30th!

Hi peeps, we've teamed up with our friends over at Forgotten Flavours (who we interviewed for our latest issue MC#16) for what is yet another fantastic collab pop up!

Gold Label Belgian Chocs. 
Classic Chocolate Malt combo.
Two sizes: 12/13mm & 14/15mm.
Very limited numbers available.
Dropping tomorrow Friday Aug 30, 8pm!

This chosen flavour profile is a firm favourite with many UK and Euro big fish anglers, including one of its finest! Only original old stock flavours are being used, hence their slightly higher price setting. The combo we used now consists of: Choc malt (Hutchy), White Choc oil (Nashy), Milk B+ powder (Cotswold), NHDC liquid & powder, CSL liquid & powder (CC Moore), DMPT, Talin, Betaine & N-Butyric-Acid.

The outcome is absolutely fantastic; a lovely, smooth Belgian Chocolate smell, hence their name. All tubs have been extra cured a couple of times to ensure maximum efficiency.

Don't sleep on these!