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Forces of Nature - Oz Holness

Forces of Nature is an absorbing insight into the world of Oz Holness, a man with a passion for the outdoors. He thrives on personal challenge and his descriptive and entertaining narrative takes the reader on a journey through ten years of his angling life as he relives some of his inspirational captures. Oz’s path into the world of carp angling was carved during the late ’80s, when he took inspiration from the many dedicated carp anglers on the Kent scene, and then went on to pursue, and catch, the historic Kent Mirror, ‘She’, cementing the road toward his many future adventures. Oz is undoubtedly an angler with soul.

Oz Holness always keeping the faith

Spending 20-plus years as a firefighter taught Oz to be a humble man; never one to shout about his achievements, he is always there for his family and friends, and lives a life of subtle yet uncompromising balance. Oz Holness has kept it as real as it gets, with a ‘no frills’ approach to some of the hardest pits in the land, and he’s achieved his goals with integrity – ‘heart and soul’. This is ‘Forces of Nature’ – enjoy!

Proofing Forces of Nature

Benelux launch at the VBK show on Dec 10th!

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