Dope email: mustard is the new black

The other week we received a totally unexpected but very sick email. Things like these keep us going really so we asked Tommy Lenaers, its writer, permission to publish. Here we go:

"I’m writing you from Sicily, currently on a mega road trip with my girl. We both quit or jobs in April this year to travel Europe in our yellow self-converted VW crafter, It's been an overwhelming experience so far. Living the dream you know? 

Every now and then I sneak out of the van early in the morning to get the rods out before dawn. I’ve become more of a “multi species”* angler the last few years, fishing for barbel in the Ardennes over big rudd to salty Arctic predators. But traveling Greece and southern Italy, it’s mainly carp recently. Nothing big, but away from the beaten track makes them extra special, primate and enjoy… 

When I’m out there seeing the sun rise over misty mountains no man has ever climbed I can’t help myself but thinking: this is some serious MC material. And today was no exception to that with the Etna blowing vulcanic gasses right in our necks while fishing. Hence this message: thanks for keeping the fire burning and creating adventurous, inspiring content and designs. 

Attached some pictures to reinforce the feeling expressed in these scriblings.

Feel free to have a look at what we’ve been up to image wise. We’re doing an insta feed @strolling.abroad to keep Friends, Fools and Family informed. #nofame Please be warned: no fishing content. 

Ps: What about sneaking one of these flamingo shots in a next MC issue? Or is the pink bird trend over already?

*In this perspective I would love an article from LDB about barbel, can imagine he has a few words to say about that ?

Anyway looking forward to the next edition.

Thank for making yellow cool again ? 

Groeten Tom"