Our friends at CC Moore just let us know they will bring a brandnew tool to the market this Spring, which they have been secretly developing over the past year. Here is what James Armstrong had to say about the product which is going to be known as the Corkball Roller: 

“Rolling corkball hook baits by hand can be frustrating and time consuming. Rolling with a consistent amount of paste is tricky, and your results are rarely round enough to satisfy your OCD ways. If you’re an avid corkball roller you’ll know exactly the scenario. Inconsistent corkball hook baits will effect how they’re presented and you’ll waste more time adding/removing putty in order to balance your rigs correctly…

With the Corkball Roller, your frustrations can be forgotten. You will be rolling consistent hook baits each and every time; not only will it cut the exact amount of paste, it will also roll round spheres with a few simple twists.

Whether you’re rolling pop-ups, wafters, food baits or fluoros, you will always be doing it with confidence knowing they’ll be ultra consistent.”

james armstrong

James Armstrong, CC Moore’s European Media & Marketing Manager