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Video: Alan Blair on the Monkey Climber syndicate

Alan blair on the monkey climber syndicate

Beginning of December Nash TV dropped another vid, about Alan Blair's family holidays. To our surprise we just saw a picture of this particular fish, one swimming around in our syndicate. A carp that is very dear to us as we saved it from a big fly fishing reservoir that had a big fish kill, with oxygen levels as low as 0,5%!

In the video you'll see Alain Blair and his girls on the place we call the Monkey Climber syndicate, in reality a cool little venue where we pay the rent for with our close friends. A place of friendship. And a safe haven for proper carp like this one.


KOTF shirts now available in Burgundy too!

Having used the hashtag #keepersofthefaith for a while now, we decided to print some sweet Keepers of the Faith shirts and hoodies with the design our editor Gio drew up for the tattoo on his arm. Featuring a candle burning ‘Monkey Climber’ with the initials K.O.T.F. on the front, full Keepers of the Faith anthem on the back. To be honest, another proper hardcore inspired design, for those who dig our fav band Terror. Firstly we only did them in black, but now we have them in Burgundy too. Get them here!

Eindelijk: automatische incasso

Mis nooit geen uitgave van Monkey Climber meer! Om onszelf heel wat administratieve rompslomp te besparen, en ook jullie aandacht niet te verliezen (grif toegegeven: we zouden ook wel eens een abonnementje hier of daar vergeten te verlengen) hebben we sinds kort eindelijk met de bank kunnen regelen dat we de abonnementen jaarlijks automatisch kunnen incasseren van onze leden! Daar hebben we wel jullie toestemming voor nodig, mogen we daarom vragen om het volgende document hier te downloaden, in te vullen, ondertekenen en bij voorkeur ingescand (smartphone foto is ook goed) terug te mailen naar Afdrukken en opsturen kan ook naar: Monkey Climber magazine, tav/ Gio Vanhooren, Maria Theresiastraat 42, 8400 Oostende, België.

Ieder najaar wordt vervolgens 15,99 euro van jullie rekening gehaald voor de twee nummers die wij per jaar uitgeven. Zeg nu zelf, wat heb je tegenwoordig nog voor dat bedrag?

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-10 om 14.05.19

Svp invullen, ondertekenen en aan ons terugbezorgen, en je bent lid zolang wij MC uitgeven!

O ja, voor alle abonnees met automatische incasso die daar behoefte aan hebben, hebben we net een besloten Facebook groep onder de naam Monkey Climber Apetown opgezet. De bedoeling is om ideeën over het magazine uit te wisselen, nieuws, vangsten, enz. te delen. Kortom, een besloten plekje voor likeminded people. Gotta keep the faith!

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-10 om 14.28.25

The funny Fish In My Pocket interview, pt. I & II

Here at Monkey Climber we love an interview. That is exactly why we spend loads of time making at least one per issue, visiting our interviewee rather than mailing him over a random series of questions. The end result always is surprising and ever so genuine. Some mega interviews we did are the ones with Rod Hutchinson, Michael Flosdorf, Raf Van Opstal, Phil Cottenier, Gaz Fareham to name but a few, all good reads.

Last month we’ve been interviewed a couple of times ourselves. We’ve had some cool coverage in Advanced Carp Fishing, did a mega piece with the boys at Dé Karperwereld magazine and had a real fun interview with Andy from Fish In My Pocket over in Austria. The latter is available as a two part interview, both in German and in English. Check it out.

MC x FIMP interview pt I German

MC x FIMP interview pt I English

MC x FIMP interview pt II German

MC x FIMP interview pt II English

Forces of Nature by Oz Holness, exclusive for the Continent

Yo boys ‘n girls, we’re the exclusive distributors for this masterpiece by Oz Holness – Forces of Nature for the Continent! Order yours now, or message us on if you want us to bring a copy to the VBK meeting on Dec 10th! #helpingafriendout

Forces of Nature - Oz Holness

Forces of Nature is an absorbing insight into the world of Oz Holness, a man with a passion for the outdoors. He thrives on personal challenge and his descriptive and entertaining narrative takes the reader on a journey through ten years of his angling life as he relives some of his inspirational captures. Oz’s path into the world of carp angling was carved during the late ’80s, when he took inspiration from the many dedicated carp anglers on the Kent scene, and then went on to pursue, and catch, the historic Kent Mirror, ‘She’, cementing the road toward his many future adventures. Oz is undoubtedly an angler with soul.

Oz Holness always keeping the faith

Spending 20-plus years as a firefighter taught Oz to be a humble man; never one to shout about his achievements, he is always there for his family and friends, and lives a life of subtle yet uncompromising balance. Oz Holness has kept it as real as it gets, with a ‘no frills’ approach to some of the hardest pits in the land, and he’s achieved his goals with integrity – ‘heart and soul’. This is ‘Forces of Nature’ – enjoy!

Proofing Forces of Nature

Benelux launch at the VBK show on Dec 10th!

Hit us up on the Bigcartel for your copy.

Show us your money :-)

MC-lezers, vergeet jullie abo voor de nrs MC#11 en MC#12 niet te verlengen! Een jaarabonnement op Monkey Climber kost nog steeds slechts 15,99 euro en kan genomen worden via overschrijving op rekeningnummer IBAN = BE27738023294873, BIC/SWIFT = KREDBEBB, op naam van Monkey Climber Magazine, t.a.v. Giovanni Vanhooren, Maria Theresiastraat 42, 8400 Oostende, België met volledige vermelding van naam en adresgegevens.

Monkey Climber 2017

Monkey Climber USA

Despite our magazine is being published in Dutch only for now (no worries, working on an English edit), the support we get from you comes from all over the world. One of these guys is Ivelin Petrov, a carp angler who lives in the States and who we dearly would like to meet at some point. If you ever wondered what carp fishing in North America looks like, watch the clip he just dropped.

Oh, and if you wonder where to get that ‘It’s Okay not to Pay’ hoodie from, hit up or press Shop.


Road Trip, pt. I

In August 2014, Callum Mcinerney and Richard Chapman set out on a mission to re-discover carp fishing. Travelling over 1400 miles, through 3 countries and 6 different venues ranging from small canals through to huge still waters. This is an as it happens account, showing the highs and the lows purely for the love of carp fishing. No sponsors to appease, no products to plug just real carp fishing at amazing venues. We met up with the guys and it was all good fun!