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The Carp Art Project: or the cool Austrians that own more MC beanies than us :-)

The Carp Árt Project: or the cool Austrians that own more MC beanies than us 🙂

As a print editor in 2019 it's very hard to stumble across anything unique, unseen. That's why we were really enthusiastic when unearthing the boys from Carp Árt recently in Austria. Judging from their pics, these guys must have more MC stuff than I have personally and boy they do love a colour scheme! Fuck olive and black, give us yellow and ivory instead!

After having contact these boys sent us some more info about their little project, along with a series of pics. Honestly, a lot of them could be cover pics for our mag and we really hope we can get one from them that hasn't seen the social media light yet, would be an honour! We spoke to Philipp Haberl, one of the crew, who gave us a little explanation about Carp Árt:

"A crew of 4 people, who live the most diverse characters, but maintain a consistent style, will share their moments with you from now on. The passionate passion and the love for the camera never lets us forget the past. A new era begins in 2019, please accompany us on this journey and share the moments in the future. Art and photography are our companions!"

Clearly these boys know what they are talking about, shooting with Sony alpha 7ri / si and Nikon D6500 there's deffo more to come. We'll keep you posted!

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A 48h roadtrip to an Austria shop open day

A 48h roadtrip to an Austria shop open day 

Y'all pretty much know that the Carp Zwolle show was a banger again this year. Couple of weeks to prepare the whole thing, building a new stand, next loading everything into the hired van (and some more stuff into three Transporters because of overweight), two days of building up, three show days, a busy Sunday night breaking it all down, unloading everything at home, sorting out all the stock again, or what's left over of it 🙂 Well, somewhere in between all that show chaos our good friend Mario from Dreambaits came to our stand. "Hi G, you fancy tagging along with me to Austria next week? I got an empty van and a promising shop open weekend at Carp Elite over there, you can come with me, it will be fun!" And oh yes, big fun it was!

Going to the show in Pinkafeld, a small and charming town not too far from the Hungarian border, meant nearly 1500 kilometres for me and man, I hate long drives! Now you must know Mario is not the silent type and before we knew we drove up just past midnight on Thursday night. It was freezing cold outside but were warmly greeted by Andy and his GF Sandra, his lovely parents and some friends who were still there at this ungodly hour. We got to talk and before we knew it was 2am, not the one after the exhausting Zwolle days and long road. Bedchairs out the van and sleep over in the tackle shop, first time for me!

Thank God there's Red Bull and thank God even more we are in the home country of it! After a few hours of kip Andy and his gang were present at 7am to prepare everything for the first show day. In Austria shops cannot sell on Sundays by law, so that's why Andy chose to do a Friday and Saturday. The shop opened at 9am and there were rows of people straight away. Cars were driving up and down the parking, right next to the shop doors. We soon knew why... Andy had made a clever move by ordering no less than 9 tonnes of tigers and hemp and sell them at 20 euros per 20 kilos! Better than any advertising he reckoned, people would be fighting over it. And he was right, by Friday night 6 tonnes were already gone! The first show day was good for us too and after lots of talking we were sat in the restaurant that night. Quick call to my mum to see if she was okay, as she needed to have unexpected surgery that day, but she wouldn't answer the phone. In the end I got my dad on the line to hear him saying the doctors assured him this was the best scenario they could have dreamt of. 

Whilst having our meals Andy's dad asked me if we would like a shower at his place the next morning. Him being a police officer, we immediately joked we wanted to have one in the station and the rest is, as they say, history... First thing in the morning we went down to prison to have a wash haha. I warned Mario about the soap lol. Now being fresh again Andy's dad shows us around in the station, we meet up with his colleagues, even with his superior wearing a Trakker jacket, we see loads of investigation files from the last 30 years, guns, ammunition, etc. Nothing ever happens in Pinkafeld, Andy's dad tells us, but the night before two cars got stolen haha. The first ones in 6 or 7 years he immediately adds to the news. 

So next to no crime, apart from a tiny bit in big cities like Vienna and Graz, better wages (never seen as many green 100 euro notes as on the Pinkafeld show, nobody really cares about smaller notes it seems), good fuel prices, nice people, etc. make Austria like a paradise to us already. If only my head did not hurt that bad and my fever would go away everything would be just perfect over here. 

Saturday was incredibly busy and especially for Mario and myself. Seen so many people turning up with MC stuff, vans with MC stickers in the carp park, met so many customers that already ordered quite a few times online but to whom we never had the chance to talk in person...  Also got a few ideas for new pieces in the mag. Just mega!

By 5pm it was time to hit the long road again. We said our goodbyes to everyone, Andy confirmed he would order our stuff soon for his shop so if you're living in Austria check him out! 11.30pm saw Mario very tired and hand the wheel over to me but I only lasted another two hours. We needed to do three more hours to Mario's home, add another two to mine, so we decided to stop at some motorway parking, take the bedchairs out and crash a couple of hours in open air. Mario was sleeping in no time but I was coughing so badly I thought I was going to die. I think I must have slept maybe one hour when some voices woke me. Looking up from under my shroud I saw at least 50 drunken football fans pissing around us. Mario couldn't believe when I told him in the morning 🙂

Thx for having us Austria!

Pic captions (from top to bottom):

1. Leaving my son Loki early in the morning

2. Full van

3. Mario's gems, a gift by big Danny Moeskops after Mario's tackle got stolen years ago

4. On the road

5. Cold, midnight arrival at the Pinkafeld Carp Elite shop

6. Tackle shop sleepover

7. Full car park, loads of MC stickers to be seen

8. Busy days for Andy and his family

9. Nash Tackle's Patricio getting it on with his sexy Fujifilm cam

10. Our Okay sticker is quite funny to see in a country full of paylakes and ultra expensive syndicates 🙂

11. Police boots

12. Hey Mario, don't drop your soap

13. Luckily there was a wall in between

14. Not all Cops are Bs 🙂

15. Grand Theft Police Auto

16. Gotta love this country

17. Red Bull saved the day

18. Crappy iPhone pic of the Frankfurt motorway parking were we crashed on our way back

Inner city vibes with Mathieu Denoyers

Inner city vibes with Mathieu Denoyers 

From time to time our eyes fall on special, undiscovered talent in this scene. One of our recent discoveries deffo is our French bud Mathieu Denoyers, a very skilled angler and photographer. 

We asked him for a special series for our Blog, to keep the vibe alive now most lakes are frozen over. So Mat sent us this great inner city series, watching and waiting on the big river, never knowing what is about to come...


Alan Blair, Oli Davies and Jelle Vandaele on a Belgium Blitzkrieg

Alan Blair, Oli Davies and Jelle vandaele on a belgium blitzkrieg 

For over half a year Alan Blair, Oli Davies, Jelle and myself had planned a weekend of fishing together, but when the end of October finally came I was seriously out with hand, foot and mouth disease. Something I had never heard of, a painful present from my boy Loki and his nursery... It left me over ten days with high fever and pain, unable to speak, eat, etc. I was totally gutted I couldn't make it, but so in pain I couldn't care less to be honest.

Anyway, the boys had a fabulous time. Fishing a river, a wild pit, a park lake and an inner city canal, all in just 48 hours with even an open day at Hengelsport Depoorter in between! They even caught a few too! 

We asked Oli for some of his mega pics for our blog and finally managed to upload them now. Enjoy!


Behind the Stocking scene(s)


At Monkey Climber we love emotion. We love the story behind things. Not the sheer facts. Someone might take the best pics ever, but they can have no emotion. This is something my GF taught me. Her pics always have that little extra, and we were glad to receive a Willem Barnas email in March with a series of gems too. Five pics telling the story behind a recent stocking of carp, with showing the stocking itself. More of that Mr Barnas, pretty please!

For old school fans only!

As a magazine with a lot of respect and references to the old days, we have a lot of interest in the closed Facebook group Oldskool Toys.

Some great memories on there, some mega pics like this Kevin Ellis one the man himself just posted… Unbelievable really!

If interested, try joining the page and keep it all old school and polite pls 🙂

This is not a page of ours, just wanted to give it some credit for its great work!


This Fall it’s been 7 years since we started out with Monkey Climber magazine and we’re still growing. The first couple of years we did only the mags and since four years or so we started out wit some merch too, upon your request. Thanks to social media and your support this magazine really gets bigger than we ever expected, so thank you all! There’s strong UK ties, Euro connections everywhere and even overseas support from the States, Australia and even Japan!

Last year we gained a lot of following in Cz/Sk, and recently we received another great series of pics by young and creative Tomáš Minařík. Enjoy!

Five more clicks by Paul Bacon

I find my photography to be a two sided affair. One side is home to very documentary almost journalist thought process to capture things as accurately as I can –  to give the viewer of the image an inside into what I saw at that moment or tell a story. This doesn’t always mean using the exact image the camera produces; for example I often find myself increasing the warmth of golden hour photographs because at the time i saw the shot in a much warmer light than what the camera captured. This I feel, is the thought process that happens most when I have a camera in hand.

The other side of this is simply using my camera to capture images that I can work with to create something that i see in my head. Often the images I take when thinking like this never see the light of day. They’re often shots of textures, shadows and patterns, they can be man made or natural. The images will then either be heavily altered in photoshop or printed manipulated that way. They are also very rarely of angling situations – mainly due to me being deeply invested in the other though process.

These 5 images are what I feel to be a mix of the two. They feature accurate photographs of angling equipment on backgrounds of either textures or scenes that I felt complemented the equipment. I shot the photos in pairs with an idea in my head of how  wanted each pair to come together for the final image.

For me these photographs don’t capture a moment or tell a story they reflect my fascination for mixing natural and un-natural textures and shapes. The straight edges of banksticks and harsh blacks of bite alarms offer a stark contract to the soft reflections of the pond, the rounded edges of the trees or the randomness if wood grain. But yet as different the two subjects are, they complement each other and make for something a little different.