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Free Nash Citruz Culturedpop ups now with every order!

Free Nash Citruz Cultured pop ups now with every order!

Our friends at Nash have been ever so kind to send us a full box of pink Citruz Cultured pop ups, 15mm core, samples to give away with all orders (except those that go in flat rate envelopes) on our webshop 

About Nashy's Citruz Cultured pop ups

The repeated Nashbait layering and glazing process around core high attract Citruz airballs produces Citruz Cultured® Pop Ups with the unique attraction of the deadly fruit blend in a pink high visual Culture skin that constantly releases nucleotides, amino acids and vitamins and minerals without affecting the balance or buoyancy of the hookbait.

Go the Nash website to learn more or order from us and read the tips and tricks on the leaflet we send along with the Samples.

Carp Zwolle 2019 recap

Carp Zwolle 2019 recap

Last month's been pretty busy with Carp Zwolle, then an open day in Austria, a quick visiti to the Northern Angling Show in Manchester and now it's open day season. Here's some cool snaps made by our German buddy Hanno and his lovely GF, for which he won our 'best stand pictures' competition on Instagram.

Got one show left this year and that's Hengel Expo on November 9-10th. Since today we're official sponsors of the event and we'll help out with the line up for guest speakers, seminars, meet and greets, etc. See you all there!

Lezing Marino De Paepe in onze hometown tonight

Lezing Marino De Paepe in onze hometown tonight

VBK regio West-Vlaanderen afdeling Brugge organiseert vanavond 1 maart in onze eigenste hometown Oudenburg een carpy night van jewelste, met niemand minder dan Marino De Paepe als gastspreker. Firsttimer Marino zal het hebben over zijn gedreven visserij op het KGO en belooft daarbij openlijk te spreken en de achterkant van zijn tong te laten zien! Een ware aanrader!

Zelf zijn we uiteraard ook van de partij. Wie iets van Monkey Climber (mags en/of merch) nodig heeft, graag een seintje!


Café Bistro Jakri

Marktplein 18

8460 Oudenburg

Mad props from Karpr Clothing!

mad props from karp clothing!

Voor een buitenstaander lijkt het misschien anders, maar in Monkey Climber gaat heel wat werk steken en dat al sinds 2010. Vooral in het magazine, maar ook alle zaken er rond - van pakketjes versturen over de vele emails, social media gekte, enz. tot simpelweg oervervelende administratie. Het is een uit de hand gelopen hobby, en eentje die al langer dan vandaag boven onze koppen uit gegroeid is. Niets is dan ook cooler om onverwachts van een bevriend merk - ja, je leest het goed: ik zie coole, gelijkaardige DIY-projectjes eerder en liever als vrienden dan als concurrenten - volgende email met als titel 'Gorilla Biscuits' binnen te krijgen naar aanleiding van ons laatste magazine MC#15. Big up to you Thomas van Karpr Clothing! We mochten de mail zelfs integraal op onze Blog publiceren, eeuwige dank!

Hey Gio!

Zomaar een spontaan bericht waarvan de bedoeling mij verder ook niet helemaal duidelijk is. Maar vond het wel grappig dit met je te delen.

Tijdens het Carp Zwolle weekend las ik bij toeval op Facebook een bericht over het overlijden van één van de gitaristen van Gorilla Biscuits. Geen idee of het jouw ding is maar je zult ze ongetwijfeld kennen. Ik ken(de) ze alleen van naam maar herinner me wel dat ik vroeger ooit een cassettetape van iemand had gekregen met onder andere een paar tracks van GB erop. Destijds nooit aandachtig genoeg naar geluisterd, was me te rauw denk ik, maar nu toch maar eens hun album Start Today opgezocht op Youtube. Meteen in de ban van de eerste track, waarin de zanger zich frustreert over veranderingen binnen de scene en bij bands.

The new kids ran, ran out the back door fast

And the bands that came before

They had their noses in the air

Pretending that they care about our scene

Just because our money's green

I'll tell you stage dives make me feel more alive

Than coded messages in slowed down songs

Voor mij weer even een eye opener. Niet alleen persoonlijk herken ik me er in aangezien ik nog steeds trouw zweer bij de hands waar ik al 25 jaar naar luister, maar ik ‘relate’ het ook erg aan het karperwereldje. Voornamelijk omdat het wereldje me eigenlijk veel meer tegenstaat dan ik had verwacht en ik, merk ik steeds vaker, me er het liefst tegen af zou willen zetten.

En toen viel MC #15 op de mat en las ik jouw voorwoord en dacht, in Gio schuilt ook een soort hardcore zanger, en die twee 'afgekeurde' versies hadden wellicht met gemak een GB song kunnen zijn haha! Knap en smart hoe jullie het dan uiteindelijk met jullie Positive Mental Attitude om weten te buigen tot wat het nu is!

Succes op de NAS volgende week, lekker bezig man!! 2019 is wel jouw jaar tot nu toe of niet?!

Keep it up! 

groeten Thomas

Machtig gewoon en in lijn van de hele hardcore/punk gedachte waar bands wel eens split platen uit brengen denken we ondertussen alvast ook na over een split release tussen Monkey Climber en Karpr! Stay Tuned!

March Comp: Win your ticket to our Waesmeer social now!

march '19 competition: win your unique ticket to our Waesmeer social!

From April 26th until the 28th Monkey Climber and friends are holding a proper social at the rather exclusive Waesmeer syndicate in Tielrode. Here's your one time chance to participate. Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve again decided to give it away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders anything (big or small) from our Bigcartel from now on until the end of March, 2019 enters the competition automatically, the winner will be drawn randomly on April 1st, 2019 (no, that's not a joke!). 

Spread the word & be lucky! Meanwhile here's some fish to fire your appetite! See below please.

Shop now from

The Carp Art Project: or the cool Austrians that own more MC beanies than us :-)

The Carp Árt Project: or the cool Austrians that own more MC beanies than us 🙂

As a print editor in 2019 it's very hard to stumble across anything unique, unseen. That's why we were really enthusiastic when unearthing the boys from Carp Árt recently in Austria. Judging from their pics, these guys must have more MC stuff than I have personally and boy they do love a colour scheme! Fuck olive and black, give us yellow and ivory instead!

After having contact these boys sent us some more info about their little project, along with a series of pics. Honestly, a lot of them could be cover pics for our mag and we really hope we can get one from them that hasn't seen the social media light yet, would be an honour! We spoke to Philipp Haberl, one of the crew, who gave us a little explanation about Carp Árt:

"A crew of 4 people, who live the most diverse characters, but maintain a consistent style, will share their moments with you from now on. The passionate passion and the love for the camera never lets us forget the past. A new era begins in 2019, please accompany us on this journey and share the moments in the future. Art and photography are our companions!"

Clearly these boys know what they are talking about, shooting with Sony alpha 7ri / si and Nikon D6500 there's deffo more to come. We'll keep you posted!

Follow Carp Árt now too



A 48h roadtrip to an Austria shop open day

A 48h roadtrip to an Austria shop open day 

Y'all pretty much know that the Carp Zwolle show was a banger again this year. Couple of weeks to prepare the whole thing, building a new stand, next loading everything into the hired van (and some more stuff into three Transporters because of overweight), two days of building up, three show days, a busy Sunday night breaking it all down, unloading everything at home, sorting out all the stock again, or what's left over of it 🙂 Well, somewhere in between all that show chaos our good friend Mario from Dreambaits came to our stand. "Hi G, you fancy tagging along with me to Austria next week? I got an empty van and a promising shop open weekend at Carp Elite over there, you can come with me, it will be fun!" And oh yes, big fun it was!

Going to the show in Pinkafeld, a small and charming town not too far from the Hungarian border, meant nearly 1500 kilometres for me and man, I hate long drives! Now you must know Mario is not the silent type and before we knew we drove up just past midnight on Thursday night. It was freezing cold outside but were warmly greeted by Andy and his GF Sandra, his lovely parents and some friends who were still there at this ungodly hour. We got to talk and before we knew it was 2am, not the one after the exhausting Zwolle days and long road. Bedchairs out the van and sleep over in the tackle shop, first time for me!

Thank God there's Red Bull and thank God even more we are in the home country of it! After a few hours of kip Andy and his gang were present at 7am to prepare everything for the first show day. In Austria shops cannot sell on Sundays by law, so that's why Andy chose to do a Friday and Saturday. The shop opened at 9am and there were rows of people straight away. Cars were driving up and down the parking, right next to the shop doors. We soon knew why... Andy had made a clever move by ordering no less than 9 tonnes of tigers and hemp and sell them at 20 euros per 20 kilos! Better than any advertising he reckoned, people would be fighting over it. And he was right, by Friday night 6 tonnes were already gone! The first show day was good for us too and after lots of talking we were sat in the restaurant that night. Quick call to my mum to see if she was okay, as she needed to have unexpected surgery that day, but she wouldn't answer the phone. In the end I got my dad on the line to hear him saying the doctors assured him this was the best scenario they could have dreamt of. 

Whilst having our meals Andy's dad asked me if we would like a shower at his place the next morning. Him being a police officer, we immediately joked we wanted to have one in the station and the rest is, as they say, history... First thing in the morning we went down to prison to have a wash haha. I warned Mario about the soap lol. Now being fresh again Andy's dad shows us around in the station, we meet up with his colleagues, even with his superior wearing a Trakker jacket, we see loads of investigation files from the last 30 years, guns, ammunition, etc. Nothing ever happens in Pinkafeld, Andy's dad tells us, but the night before two cars got stolen haha. The first ones in 6 or 7 years he immediately adds to the news. 

So next to no crime, apart from a tiny bit in big cities like Vienna and Graz, better wages (never seen as many green 100 euro notes as on the Pinkafeld show, nobody really cares about smaller notes it seems), good fuel prices, nice people, etc. make Austria like a paradise to us already. If only my head did not hurt that bad and my fever would go away everything would be just perfect over here. 

Saturday was incredibly busy and especially for Mario and myself. Seen so many people turning up with MC stuff, vans with MC stickers in the carp park, met so many customers that already ordered quite a few times online but to whom we never had the chance to talk in person...  Also got a few ideas for new pieces in the mag. Just mega!

By 5pm it was time to hit the long road again. We said our goodbyes to everyone, Andy confirmed he would order our stuff soon for his shop so if you're living in Austria check him out! 11.30pm saw Mario very tired and hand the wheel over to me but I only lasted another two hours. We needed to do three more hours to Mario's home, add another two to mine, so we decided to stop at some motorway parking, take the bedchairs out and crash a couple of hours in open air. Mario was sleeping in no time but I was coughing so badly I thought I was going to die. I think I must have slept maybe one hour when some voices woke me. Looking up from under my shroud I saw at least 50 drunken football fans pissing around us. Mario couldn't believe when I told him in the morning 🙂

Thx for having us Austria!

Pic captions (from top to bottom):

1. Leaving my son Loki early in the morning

2. Full van

3. Mario's gems, a gift by big Danny Moeskops after Mario's tackle got stolen years ago

4. On the road

5. Cold, midnight arrival at the Pinkafeld Carp Elite shop

6. Tackle shop sleepover

7. Full car park, loads of MC stickers to be seen

8. Busy days for Andy and his family

9. Nash Tackle's Patricio getting it on with his sexy Fujifilm cam

10. Our Okay sticker is quite funny to see in a country full of paylakes and ultra expensive syndicates 🙂

11. Police boots

12. Hey Mario, don't drop your soap

13. Luckily there was a wall in between

14. Not all Cops are Bs 🙂

15. Grand Theft Police Auto

16. Gotta love this country

17. Red Bull saved the day

18. Crappy iPhone pic of the Frankfurt motorway parking were we crashed on our way back

Carpleads op Carp Zwolle 2019

Carpleads op Carp Zwolle 2019

Ook dit jaar kan je Carpleads weer vinden meteen als je hal 3 binnenkomt op standplaats 310. Het BeNeLux team zal voor jou het hele week end aanwezig zijn om al je vragen te beantwoorden. Buiten het uitgebreide gamma brengen wij ook enkele nieuwe producten mee zoals oa. 

De (vernieuwde) Flexocore

Deze loodvrij leader is nu nog makkelijker te splicen en zinkt als een baksteen. Daardoor neemt hij mooi de contouren van de bodem aan en met keuze uit 2 verschillende kleuren (Muddy Sand & Weedy Green) valt deze mooi weg op de ondergrond. 


Plasticorn - Setbox / Single Colours

De Plasticorns zijn verkrijgbaar elk afzonderlijk (10st) of samengevoegd in een handige assortiment box. (64st) Deze drijvende maiskorrels zijn voorzien van een handige uitsparing voor de stopper en hebben een aangepaste vorm voor het beter aansluiten tegen ander aas. Met 8 verschillende kleuren is er keuze genoeg. 



KRV haken

De KRV is de eerste uit Carpleads komende reeks haken. Deze haken zullen worden uitgebracht in 2 verschillende versies, ‘The Razor Sharp’ versie met een PTFE coating en een ‘Tough Black’ versie met een Black Nickel afwerking.



Compact Leads - Swivel / Inline

De nieuwe compact Loden zijn de opvolgers van de populaire square loden. Deze all-round loden hebben een verschoven zwaartepunt wat het zelfhaking effect verbeterd en houd het lood stabiel op de ondergrond. Verkrijgbaar als inline en swivel lood. 

January Competition: Be the first to own a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer

January competition: Be the first person to own a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer!

Hi peeps, our Dec '18 CC Moore competition has ended with the three lucky winners of free CC Moore bait being: Jan van den Hatert (20 kilos of Pacific Tuna boilies), Nele Debal (20 kilos of Live System boilies) and Robert Tudor (20 kilos of Odyssey XXX boilies). We’re at the beginning of January '19 now, Happy New Yaer y'all, and we’ve got another great prize coming up for this month! This time you have the chance of winning a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer! In fact, you will be the very first person to own it!


The Scope OPS R6 Transformer is the neatest way to carry a complete 6 foot set up yet devised, a carryall style design with EVA impact protection lid opening to reveal drop in storage of up to three rigged up rods with reels.

Once rods are removed two top opening zipped compartments carry all your essentials. The larger of the compartments holds tackle, the smaller features a high performance insulated lining to keep bait chilled or food and milk fresh.

Three long zipped external pockets down one side hold a Black Ops Landing Net, banksticks and buzz bars. Three padded pockets on the opposite side hold larger items and an EVA reinforced top pocket keeps keys, phone, wallet and other accessories safe.

The Transformer is all about versatility, it can be carried flat on a barrow, with an elasticated grab handle or via the padded and sculpted shoulder straps and chest linkage, allowing all your kit including rods and reels to be put on your back. When shoulder straps are not in use, a waterproof wipe clean zipped cover keeps them concealed.


New MC Distro: Team Outdoors

New MC Distro: Team Outdoors 

Sinds kort is Monkey Climber magazine verkrijgbaar bij Team Outdoors in Wijchen (NL), een winkel en webwinkel die al jarenlang gespecialiseerd is in de outdoor- en hengelsportbranche en de afgelopen tijd een ware vlucht nam! 

Met topmerken als Trakker, Aqua, Fortis, CC Moore, Navitas, Ridgemonkey, Rebelcell en nog veel meer in de range heeft Team Outdoors een wel heel hedendaags aanbod. De uiterst overzichtelijke webshop die de boys naast de gewone winkel in Wijchen runnen is enorm gebruiksvriendelijk en maakt webshoppen een waar plezier. Extra leuk voor de (karper)vissers die verder kijken dan hun neus lang is, is dat je in de outdoorartikelen ook veel handige hebbedingetjes vinden kan.

Naast onze magazines gaat Team Outdoors straks ook een selectie van onze merchandise in het gamma opnemen. Stay tuned!

Team Outdoors

Edisonstraat 22A

6604 BV Wijchen

Tel. (+31) 24 7950212

WhatsApp (+31) 6 23425319