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Wofte interviews our main man Gio #abouteric #metoo


Recently our good friends from Wofte interviewed our main man Gio, for Volume 2 of their highly acclaimed Between The Seams series. Pretty proud to be featured in it to be honest, a bit awkward hearing ourselves speaking English too though (lol). Hope you guys like it!

The piece with us starts at 55.01 and ends at 1:15.43. We would highly recommend to watch the full vid, mind blowing stuff really Lew and Tris are doing!  


Operation freedom 90lb+ Du Der common, a historic documentary

Only 48 hours after being able to expose the world’s biggest free living common carp swimming in a tiny paylake, a great bunch of international friends led by Samir Carplifer were able to bring it back to its original home, the mighty Lac du Der. Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast! Full article coming in the Summer issue of our mag, MC#14!

La plus grosse commune du monde retourné au Lac du Der après être volé par un privé. Une histoire des amis internationaux! Soutitré en Français par On s’en FISH.

Amazing footage: 30 years of Cassien

Only last week we were still sat on the same restaurant table as Steve and his lovely Joan having a nice meal in the days prior to the Zwolle show. The subject everyone was talking about was the 30 years of Cassien trailer which had just dropped. The full vid itself, containing live footage from the mid 90s up until now, was launched during the show days.

Needing to have surgery after the show myself, I could watch the new Nash vid from my sick-bed only today. Having known the place for so many years and from first hand stories Hutchy and local Ivan told me, I could once again kick myself in the nuts not having paid the legendary lake with a visit during its hayday…

“Hey OTBT, your typeface sucks! Give us some flames please…”

Being proper DIY ourselves we started focussing on some other cool Do It Yourself projects in angling. In MC#11 we had Fallon’s Angler magazine and KingFish, in our latest issue MC#12 we had the pleasure of getting some questions over to Stephen May, founder and creator at On The Beaten Track. Since our magazine is still in Flemish/Dutch only and the massive UK/European following we have, we thought it would be cool to give you guys the full piece behind OTBT on here. Here’s what Stephen had got to say to us:

“I came across some old files whilst sorting through my old Mac from when I first sat down with the intention of creating OTBT and I thought that some of you may be interested in hearing some of the back story behind the brand, why I created it, and my intentions for the future.

I work as a Graphic Designer, constantly working with big brands on a daily basis and quite often I find myself restricted by a set of strict guidelines – colour pallettes, typefaces; do’s and dont’s, and whilst this is something that I would normally advocate for any brand, with OTBT, it was different – this was personal. I never wanted to feel restricted with what I could do with my own brand. I wanted it to be something organic; something that could adapt to change and be something that I could experiment with and generally just have some fun.

My clients can be ever so demanding or having their own ideas which just don’t work. I can live when they say they don’t like this or that typeface, but when they ask to add some flames to the design…

Therefore, there was a need for a simple logo; something that was timeless and wasn’t too stylised and that wouldn’t become dated over time. Something that would sit with any style of photography, illustration or anything else that I applied it to. However, that’s not to say that just because it appears simple, that there wasn’t any thought gone into it…it’s much more complicated than that. Quite often, the things that appear the most simple, are those that have taken the most time and thought processes.

The first thing was the name “On The Beaten Track.” Like many of us, I’m not privy to an exclusive syndicate, where I rarely see another angler on the bank. I’m a day ticket angler, and such is the growing popularity of carp fishing, I’m quite literally walking a ‘beaten track’ that has been walked by thousands before me. But there were also countless other names before settling on that. I already had a pretty clear idea in my head of how I wanted the brand to look, but there were other elements to consider that would strengthen its’ meaning and that people could relate to. Carp fishing is a journey. Not only in the literal sense but one that takes us many miles up and down the country and across continents in search of new waters and new challenges, so the logo needed to have a strong reference to a journey or an adventure, hence its’ obvious nod to a compass. But thirdly, carp fishing is also something that has us tearing our hair out at times; constantly trying to outwit our quarry and quite often chasing them round in circles and ending up right back where we started, which is why you’ll notice that OTBT reads exactly the same which ever way you read it in the logo and hence the reason I settled on the name ‘On The Beaten Track.’ So as you can see, the simple things, aren’t always as simple as they may first appear.

I initially set up OTBT as an outlet for my photography and latterly, videography. I’ve always been into my photography I’d come back from every session with some nice shots that would just sit on my Mac and never see the light of day. It seemed a shame, and I wanted to share them with like-minded people. Secondly, being a graphic designer, I’ve always wanted my own brand…what for, I’d never been too sure, but it was a way that I could experiment with ideas. Very often, when pitching work to a client, there’s tonnes of nice work that just gets chucked away as a wasted byproduct of the design process, and this is a real shame, and every so often, you’ll do something that sparks a new idea and something that could be applied elsewhere into my own work.

I’m not the sort of person who can just do ‘nothing.’ My mind is constantly ticking over thinking about what I can do next and I always need some sort of personal project to work on. It’s probably why I’ve never been too good on long beach holidays, as I just get bored and start thinking that I could be spending the time doing something more productive. It is tiring at times, I must admit, but that’s just me.

I felt that I had something different to offer the world of angling. There’s some great companies out there producing some great products and I could never (and has never been my intention to) compete with them. I just felt that I could put my own spin on things and combine my love of angling, graphic design, photography and videography, to offer something different and perhaps, something that hasn’t been seen before.

OTBT does take up a lot of my time and a few of my close friends questioned why I was doing it at first, and in all honesty, in the beginning, I wasn’t even sure. It just began life as a personal project that kept me busy and I wanted to see where it took me. So far, it’s taken me on a journey which started out purely photography-based and more latterly developed into videography, clothing and all the associated design work that comes with it, and it’s an opportunity for me to do things my way, exactly how I want, without any outside interference – complete creative freedom, whichever direction it may lead me.

This leads me nicely onto where I decided to take the brand next – clothing, and other items where I thought I could apply my own style and offer something different. I’ve always loved sugar skulls and always wanted to create one myself and this is where the ‘Death Rig’ design was born – a skull constructed from various angling paraphernalia. Admittedly, the name is a bit ‘out there’ given it’s connotations and may be frowned upon by some, but that’s fine with me. I wanted to create something edgy and unseen in the angling world. I’m always looking to push boundaries and in doing so, you’re likely to piss a few people off along the way – break the rules and evolve. I did however consider for a long time whether it was too ‘out there’ and the design sat on my Mac for months, before I finally decided to produce a small run of T-shirts, followed shortly after by some matt black mugs featuring the matt gold Death Rig artwork. This literally took me completely by surprise how popular they have been and the demand has sky rocketed to a point that has far surpassed any of my expectations and what started out as a project that was intended to fill some downtime, has now turned into something that takes up most of my time. It really is quite amazing how what started life as a little idea whilst sat at my Mac in the back room of the house, has now evolved into something that I simply can’t keep up with and for which, I feel truly humbled.

So what lies in store for the future? Well, OTBT has never been about following trends or appeasing the masses. It’s purely about ideas and experimentation. If I feel like an idea is good enough to run with, then I’ll see it through, if not, then it gets dumped and I’ll move onto something else. It’s not about releasing ‘seasonal’ ranges or following the crowds, it’s about producing something that I can feel proud of and that’s the way it will always be. Alongside that, there’s also the constant need for me to produce beautiful imagery, which is where the idea for the ‘Mirror Mirrored’ series began. I always like to produce work that makes people stop and stare, notice things they hadn’t noticed first time round and question whether what they are looking at is entirely natural, despite looking so at first glance. With the rise in social media and the decline in peoples attention spans as a result, it’s increasingly difficult to make people stop as they scroll down through an Instagram feed, so it’s more important than ever to create something different and that’s what drives me forward to with OTBT – to surprise and create a stir and I can only hope that I have achieved this in some way through my work.”

Stephen just released a new OTBT vid, next level stuff again:

Urban Banx X Monkey Climber Mixtape – Alan Blair

Bouncing off the walls! As promised in the Alan Blair interview in our most recent mag MC#12, here’s a truly unique Urban Banx mixtape by the man himself. Play by clicking the image below:


Burial & Four Tet – Nova

Kano (Rmx ft KT) – Nobody Don’t Dance No More

High Contrast – If We Ever

Booka Shade – In White Rooms

Lana Del Rey (Camo & Krooked Remix) – West Coast

Roy Davis Jnr – Gabriel 

La Roux (Skream Mix) – In For The Kill

Counting Crows – Mr Jones

Dilated Peoples – Worst to Comes to Worst 

The Streets – Blinded By The Lights

Matti Blair – The Woods

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl 


Nutrabaits set for another 30 years strong

Recently we did a short interview piece with the lads at Nutrabaits, focusing on the brand, its history, key products, future plans… And even an exclusive collab with us!

Main pic: First premises in Sheffield

Q: For those living on the moon, can you tell us a bit more about the Nutrabaits brand and history?

A: Nutrabaits was established in 1986 by two of the carp world’s most passionate and dedicated anglers, Bill Cottam and Tim Paisley. The brand was built on an ethos of quality and every ingredient used within the product range was designed to provide nutritional value to fish. In turn, this would lead to a more consistent catch rate for the anglers’ that used the products because carp, just like humans, they recognise what food source is beneficial to their dietary needs.

Fresh New Look (2)

In the first two years of trading Bill was working as a swimming pool attendant and processing orders for the fast-growing bait brand in his spare time. In 1988, Bill left his job and put his heart, soul and every hour the carp gods sent into growing Nutrabaits. The brand actually grew beyond Bill’s wildest dreams and set a new precedent in the bait world as there wasn’t the competition there is nowadays. Most that lived through the era would be inclined to agree that the launch of Nutrabaits changed the bait market within the carp angling sector forever, and set a precedent that lead up to the multi million pound industry it is today.

“At this present moment, the brand has a distributor network that pushes our product into over 50 countries across the globe and reaches out as far as Japan, Kazakhstan, China and even Israel! Quite impressive, right?”

Q: Unbeknown to many we guess, Nutrabaits was sold last your to the TAG group which holds Taska and Kryston as well. What’s been happening in the last few months, is Big Bill still involved?

A: Great question Gio, this is something I’ve been itching to be asked so that I can provide some business background for the every-day angler that wouldn’t necessarily know what goes on behind the scenes. Firstly, I’ll start by saying a resounding YES to the question; is Big Bill still involved? I work closely with Bill on a day to day basis and I’ve got so much respect for that man, he’s truly a legend of our industry and an admirable gentleman. He’s a keeper of the faith if ever I’ve seen one! Bill’s involvement is still quite hands on within the company, we liaise with him for new product developments, he helps me out tremendously from a marketing perspective and he also plays a key role looking after some of our distributors across the globe.

Bill Cottam

Bill Cottam, supreme Keeper of the Faith

Now, let’s talk all things business and answer the rest of your question… I’m the brand manager for The Angling Group which is a company that has more than one brand under its roof, there are loads of companies in our industry that have a direct affiliation without the consumer even realising. Groups made up of multiple brands create powerful businesses and powerful businesses in our industry lead the way on innovation and re-investment to provide a better overall offering to the everyday carp angler. Working on a number of brands under one company makes my job super interesting, but at the same time it’s extremely demanding having to juggle between brands that are all very different and have different needs that I have to attend to.

Ben Francis, TAG Brand Manager

Ben Francis, TAG Brand Manager

Since TAG acquired the company last year we’ve given the brand a fresh new look, we’ve scheduled in loads of new product developments and we’ve increased our marketing activities quite considerably. There’s a lot more interesting news to come too 😉

Fresh New Look

Fresh new look, and some fresh new products.

Q: Are there any changes in the range since the takeover? And is there any new products coming?

A: Yes, we’ve changed the range quite a bit, we’ve stripped back our product offering and the products that were not amazing sellers have been discontinued to make way for new developments. I’ll give you an exclusive here as I’ve not mentioned it to anyone outside of our business yet, but we’ve been working on a new Trigga formula that is essentially a MK11 new and improved version of Trigga Ice that will be called Trigga365, designed for year round attraction. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I don’t know the exact release date yet as we’re still fine tuning the product offering, but it looks set to be another winning formula!

Trigga; needs no introduction...

Trigga; needs no introduction…

On top of that we’ve been working on a number of top secret projects that are all designed to help anglers catch more carp. Tip Topz are set to release this summer, we’ve already done some promotional work on these flavour filled buoyant half baits have been designed to give you a visual and high attract edge for pop-up rigs or snowman presentations, they’ve been a huge hit with our field testers and us here at the office.

Q: As we hail from Belgium ourselves, are there any specific plans for the Benelux?

A: Yes of course, our continued work with MC is something that we intend to do more of this year. We love the Monkey Climber brand and we love its audience so we want to bring the Benelux as much exclusive content through our media work as possible. There is also some exclusive products that are targeted at the Benelux market to come out very soon. I’ve recently signed two new anglers for Nutrabaits Team Benelux, Roy De Roo and Danny De Kruyff, both of these chaps are heading up what I’ve called our “New Vision Team”. Their role is to help promote the brands throughout the Benelux and create a new vision team made up of the best up and coming anglers from the region. So far I’ve been extremely pleased with their work ethic and I foresee big things on the horizon!

danny de kruyff

roy de roo

Q: You have strong online plans as well. Can you shed an exclusive light on that already maybe?

A: Two exclusives in one interview Gio, damn you’re good! This is something I’ve been buzzing to talk about in a public forum so I’m happy to shed light on what we’re doing. In recent months, we’ve been working hard on a new website for the brand; well, all of the brands we have under TAG are getting new websites, plus we’ve created a completely new brand complete with a website to boot that no-one outside of our office has seen yet. As you can imagine, this is no small task and it’s completely taken over my life in the past few months! I’ve had so much fun working on this project, but brother I am very much in need of going fishing to get some chill time once the sites go live. It has not been an easy task to complete and the journey has been filled with trials and tribulations… The biggest obstacle to overcome was when my right hand man, Harry Law, ended up falling seriously ill and required an emergency operation whilst we were in the middle of building the site which meant I was a man down and had lost my head space as I was worrying about my little sidekicks health at a really crucial point of the site build. Luckily our man was all good, he made a full recovery after taking a month or so resting up and he’s now back in the office doing what he loves. It’s so good to have him back and I’m glad he’s back to full health in time for the official launch.

The Ostend shipping canal was kind during our stay...

The Ostend shipping canal was kind during our stay… Double trouble Gio and Harry Law.

We’re nearly ready to release the sites for you all to see now and I have to say they’re a thing of beauty, it’s so nice to see a project come together that you can reflect on and say “we smashed it!”. I can safely say I’m so proud of the new website for Nutrabaits and it will bring me so much joy to share it with all of our customers around the world. Anglers will be able to buy Nutrabaits product direct from the website as well as through a number of exclusive stockists across Europe, but more so than that, the site will be a place where you can get all the latest news from us and find some really educational material that will help improve your knowledge of bait. I anticipate the new site will be live before the end of March so keep your eyes peeled on social media and for your reference the URL is

A sneak peak...

Q: All sounding very sweet, brothers, what about the exclusive Nutrabaits >< Monkey Climber we’ve been talking about on the banks of the Ostend shipping canal last year?

A: Three exclusives now, I must tell you too much in our off the record conversations haha. Now, you know all about these, but I’ll enlighten your readers about what we’ve created together… Last year myself and Harry spent some time with Gio in Ostend to embark on some limited edition collaborations, we brainstormed quite a bit and discussed many projects. The first collab we are set to finalise is a limited range of Pop-Ups, using proven recipes that was provided to us by Gio.


Sneak peek of the exclusive collab we’ll do, MC >< Nutrabaits Saffron & Cream in washed out pink.

We wanted to create something unique that had an old school feel to it so that the products included time proven flavours and were guaranteed to be efficient carp catching products. What Gio developed with us were two mind-blowingly good Pop-Ups; a Saffron and Cream combination in a washed out pink and a truly intense fusion of high attract liver in a prominent white. Both products are superb and we’re set to launch them in conjunction with the new website, they’ll also be available to purchase via the MC website upon release. Remember they’re limited so get in there quick when they’re released!

Peace and Love
Keeper of the Faith
Ben Francis

One from the Ostend shipping canal.

First one from the Ostend shipping canal for Ben.

Nash aasbaas Gary Bayes van onder het stof gehaald – Interview pt. 2

Een goede maand terug postten we hier het eerste deel van een exclusief interview met Nash bait boss Gary Bayes, iets wat door jullie erg gesmaakt werd. Hierbij alvast het langverwachte tweede en laatste deel! Enjoy!

Klopt het als we stellen dat de Europese regelgeving het je de laatste jaren absoluut niet makkelijk gemaakt heeft? En dat dat consequenties heeft op het aas dat je maakt?
“Dat is in zekere zin zeker zo, maar eenmaal je die complexe regelgeving die enkele jaren terug is doorgevoerd volledig begrijpt, is het eigenlijk niet zo moeilijk. Je moet er alleen pakken tijd in steken om alles nauwkeurig te regelen, en daarna ook nog om up-to-date te blijven met de continue veranderingen die er zijn. Het grootste probleem is eigenlijk de verpakking zelf, waarop je de samenstelling en nog tal van andere wettelijke verplichtingen dient te vermelden. Op een kleine zak van 200 gram bijvoorbeeld moeten daarvan ook nog eens vijf vertalingen op passen – want dezer dagen breek je de wet als een product wordt verkocht in een land waarvan de taal niet op de verpakking staat. Straks moeten we bij een flesje flavour haast met een bijsluiter zoals in de apotheek gaan werken! En wees maar zeker: aas kan én wordt uit de rekken genomen als het niet voldoet aan de regelgeving. Elke zak boilies heeft nu een uniek lotnummer zodat het kan worden getraceerd, en heeft een houdbaarheidsdatum alsook een ingrediëntensamenstelling. We moeten per product betalen voor een analyse die door een onafhankelijke laboratorium dient uitgevoerd te worden – dus bijvoorbeeld een andere analyse voor elk van de Instant Action boilies, plus nog een ander voor de corresponderende pop-ups, bait soaks, grondvoer, alles. Voordat we iets kunnen produceren om te verkopen moeten we een recept finaal goedkeuren zodat we het later niet kunnen veranderen, omdat de analyse dan verkeerd zou zijn. Dit maakt het tegenwoordig heel moeilijk voor de kleinere aasfirma’s. Let op, zelf hou ik wel van het idee dat mensen kunnen zien wat er in het aas zit als ze geïnteresseerd zijn.”

taste test 1

“Als we bij Nash een vrachtwagen vullen met boilies, is dat 24 ton en dat heeft ¼ miljoen eitjes gekost om te rollen…”

Wat zijn de grote boiliemarkten van vandaag?
“Benelux is de grootste markt in Europa, karper- en witvissers houden er van Engelse producten, de Tsjechische Republiek wordt steeds groter en we hebben ook veel aan Rusland verkocht. Ik heb enorme orders uitgerold voor de meeste landen, maar Nederland en België zijn het meest consistent. Op een keer hadden we een order uit Kroatië. Ik vond dat een beetje raar omdat we niets over hen wisten en ik dacht dat ze nog steeds in oorlog waren – nu is het een bekend land om op karper te vissen natuurlijk. De omvang van de productie bij NashBaits is iets wat veel mensen gewoonweg niet kunnen snappen – als we een vrachtwagen met boilies te vullen, is dat 24 ton en dat heeft ¼ miljoen eitjes gekost om te rollen!”



Bulk production requires bulk ingredients

Wat is het belangrijkste aspect over aas dat de gemiddelde karpervisser volgens jou niet begrijpt?
“Haha, het gros begrijpt waarschijnlijk meer van het voeren, dan van het voer zelf. Jarenlang visten we met ongeveer 50 bollies rond het haakaas (nvdr.: zelf nog de tijd meegemaakt waarbij we het aantal voerboilies telden in plaats van kilo’s te dumpen) en niemand dacht er verder over na. Als je ze goed voert heb je alleen maar een goeie zak goed aas nodig aas nodig, weinig en regelmatig – wie voert anno 2017 nog dagelijks, of meerdere keren daags. Het is een verandering die de meeste karpervissers terug zouden moeten omarmen…”

Nog eentje over aaskeuze. Wat kan jouw voorkeur steeds genieten?
“Wees niet bang om deeg te gebruiken. Ik gebruik altijd een klein beetje en sommige van mijn vrienden zullen nooit uitwerpen zonder deeg rond hun haakaas te doen. Onze Cultured Hookbaits zijn een gemakkelijke variant op dat thema, dé manier om het zelfde soort effect te verkrijgen – waarschijnlijk zelfs beter.”


Zonder te willen opscheppen, maar wat zijn jouw persoonlijke records?
“Ok, maar wel in ponden dan: spiegel 61 lb 2 oz (nvdr.: de befaamde Two Tone), schubs van 39 lb 14 oz in Engeland en 40 lb-plus karper in het buitenland, kopvoorn 5 lb 6 oz, voorn 3 lb ½ oz, baars 4 lb 12 oz, zeelt 8 lb 14 oz, brasem 15 lb 12 oz in een brace van 15s, ruisvoorn 2 lb 10 oz, barbeel 11 lb in een brace van 11s, paling 3 lb 14 oz, snoek 24 lb, tarpon 190 lb, meerval 214 pond.”

Als het op Nash Tackle aankomt, wat mag er dan niet ontbreken?
Fang Twisters, ik gebruikt ze al sinds we ze begonnen te verkopen. Ik heb zelfs de eerste partij samples nog gebruikt. Ik prijs ze echt aan, ze zijn mijn eerste keuze voor zowel pop-ups als bodemaas. Cling-On Tungsten Tubing is nog zoiets, zoveel mogelijk gebruik ervan naargelang de situatie het me toelaat, bij voorkeur met een Weed Lead Clip en een Combilink onderlijn. Meestal gebruik ik trouwens zware peerloden. Ik ben gestopt met het gebruiken van kleine loden, ik miste teveel beten. Ik gebruik makkelijk tot 6 oz, en net dat maakt een groot verschil. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat je meer beten hebt op zwaardere loden!”

Hoe forceer jij aanbeten bij dunne bezettingen, zoals destijds op Fen Drayton?
“De meeste mensen grijpen terug naar pop-ups of iets anders dan wat ze voederen, zoals een snowman bijvoorbeeld. Maar zelden vissen ze met wat ze echt voeren. Ik zorg dat ik steeds minstens 1 of 2 hengels uit liggen heb met exact datgene waarmee ik voeder. Cultured Hookbaits gebruik ik dan als variatie op het thema: ze zijn zeer afwijkend, met een fenomenale aantrekkingskracht van de haast levende coating. Het gaat bij deze speciale haakaasjes niet om kleur, maar om immens veel voedselsignalen; ze stimuleren de zintuigen van een karper zo veel meer dan standaard haakaas dat kan doen.”

old days testing

Wat zijn jouw favoriete plekjes en waarom?
Fen Drayton torenhoog favoriet toch wel. Ik hou van mijn eigen waters (nvdr.: Bayeswater, googlen!), maar ik ben mezelf op dit eigenste moment een beetje verloren in termen van where to go to. Over het algemeen ga ik graag ergens vissen waar ik niet gehinderd word door andere mensen. Ik heb liever rust en stilte.”

Vertel ons iets over Gary Bayes buiten Nash…
“Ah, alles heeft steeds ergens met vissen te maken, geen illusies hier. Elke vakantie moet er wat met vissen worden gedaan, ik ben trouwens net terug van de rivier Ebro. Ik werk ook graag aan mijn waters: het bouwen van stekken, het planten van bomen. Ik heb nog geïnformeerd voor twee nieuwe locaties, Fen en een ander klein water in Essex. Het creëren van een top water en louter de mensen zien lachen die met een persoonlijk record voor de camera’s staan is een onovertroffen gevoel. Het is beter dan ik ze zelf zou vangen.

Wayne Cutting with Bayeswaters first 40 at 40.06
Ik lees misdaadromans, ik hield van schrijven en daar ben ik terug een beetje in geraakt. Ik hou ervan dat mijn tuin er mooi uitziet en ik hou ook van de vissen te bekijken thuis. Ik hou er ook van dingen te bouwen, maar alleen als het een nut heeft. Ik hou niet van drukte en ik hou niet van steden, dichter dan de M25 kom ik niet bij Londen. De enige stad die ik ooit heb leuk vond was Sydney; veel open ruimtes, een haven en overal vis.”

Resterende ambities?
“Ik wil graag mijn persoonlijke records blijven breken. We hebben Nashbait verhuisd wat ik heel spannend vindt. Nieuwe machines, nieuwe gebouwen … Ik geniet echt van het werken op dit moment, zelfs van de verschrikkelijke jobs zoals het uitzoeken van de EU-regelgeving waar we het eerder over hadden.”

“Wie mij contacteert op met vragen over aas krijgt steeds een eerlijk antwoord van me. True story!”

Kunnen mensen jou rechtstreeks contacteren?
“Ik hou mezelf voor mezelf, maar ik antwoord altijd op authentieke aasgerelateerde vragen. Ik kan niet voor iemand de vis aan de haak hangen om het wat plastisch uit te drukken, maar ik kan proberen te helpen. Vragen over aas e.d. mogen steeds gestuurd worden naar en ze komen zo bij mij terecht.

Het is alweer een tijdje geleden, maar in december 2013 liet Gary een make-over van zich uitvoeren voor het goede doel, waarmee hij 2.500 ophaalde voor het goede doel. Meer bepaald voor Little Havens Hospice, een organisatie die rust en levenseindezorg biedt aan ernstig zieke kinderen in Essex. Gary, een van de karperwereld’s meest gerenommeerde vuilakken, werd omgevormd van een fluor getint, smaak geïmpregneerd figuur, met ingrediënten in zijn haar, naar een knappe gebruinde Gary Barlow Lookey-likey. Respect Mr Bayes!!

makeover 3