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5 questions with Maurice Flanx & a mega giveaway!

We met up with Maurice from the German brand Flanx recently, a proper old school German angler running his own brand for a couple of years now. Mostly in Germany and Austria for now, but he’s coming to Belgium/Benelux now too! We posed him 5 questions & we have a mega giveaway for our customers!

Hi Maurice, can you introduce the Flanx brand to the Benelux please? You’re from Germany yourself, and we’re pretty sure a lot of people have heard about Flank on social media, or seen you at Zwolle or even at the Belgian show Carp Bredene.

“Hi Gio.. Yes, a few Dutch & Belgium anglers might have seen me on the Carp Bredene show, in the very early stages of Flanx, where I had the chance to show a bit of the then coming products (I couldn’t sell anything as these were samples still…) A wider audience saw me on the last two Zwolle Shows, and especially on the last one we did extremely well. Shame there isn’t one this year due to Covid…”

You have a long history in the angling industry, can you tell us a bit more about that and in what way Flanx is the fruit of your past experiences?

“Where should I start… Being from Cologne I started to fish Dutch and Belgium waters at the age of 18 and so I got influences from England, Belgium, Holland and Germany. This can still be found in my tackle today! In the past I worked for Korda, ACE, Taska, Ultimate and DAM, and all of this culminated in Flanx! Flanx is the first time where I can decide totally on my own! Fruits of this are my Carp1 and Inceptor rods, the nowadays nearly famous and protected CarpSub Retainer, tents, nets or some specimen gear like the Barbel Retainer or the Specimen Mat! Everything is really my brainchild and not just some random labelled Chinese stuff!”

Not many people will now, but we at Monkey Climber had a significant hand in Flanx 🙂 Explain that to our readership please!

“You? No! 😂 No, you had your significant influence in the form of the logo… You (or better your lovely girlfriend) made it! It is everything I wanted… Simple but somehow clever and memorable! I loved it from the first moment, made a little twist et voilà!

You yourself or one of the original old school carpers in Germany, there’s even a couple of pics of yours in our upcoming issue. Tell us a bit more about your angling life and love, buddy.

“As I said, from 18 till my mid twenties I fished mainly in Dutch and Belgium waters due to their vicinity from where I live.. Some friendships are till today valid, like Mario Gijbels, Rudi DeZutter, Leon Sturme, Herman Koene… Later I started to fish some French & Hungarian venues. I am a kind of modern cold school angler! My whole life I fished a minimum of 2 nights a week, most times even 3 or 4 nights. I do fish now for carp and the Englisch way for 34 years… I caught 50s in 8 European countries and 40s in eleven.. I simply love carp and carpfishing but I do also a bit specimen hunting and fly fishing! Due to some health issues my fishing suffers a lot recently but also this will be better again in future!”

Last question: you sent us two huge boxes containing these three very bad ass Flanx mats. What’s so new and special about them? They seem ever so durable, waterproof and fish friendly to us, but we’d like to hear the details in your own words as you have designed them thoroughly and with care.

“Again, where should I start… The three mats are design wise maybe familiar cause I copied twice myself and one time Jamie Smith. The Flat Mat is down to the old Jamie Smith / Nix mat. So roughly 25 years old! But I changed it a bit and add a rim to it! The second mat is a copy of my Taska Surecare mat! And the third, the WPM XL is a copy of my Nylon TransCarp Mat, which I still sell! So three copies and what? The secret is that all three are fully waterproof! The whole mats are made of sealed PVC (Tarpaulin) and gives complete waterproofness! Yes, they are a bit more expensive but they are made to last! We decided not to use a net at the bottom, so water can be filed in the WPM and XL! Due to the materials used, they belong to the safest mats around! We give a Flat Mat and a WPM Mat away to two of your readers/customers!”

That’s mega buddy, we would like to give them away at the end of the month February to two of our customers in the way we did our competitions last year: anyone buying anything from our site during this month enters the comp automatically, my kid will draw two winners at the end of the month!

“Fair enough! Be lucky!”

Flanx WPM Flat Mat

Flanx WPM Mat

Flanx WPM Mat XL

Mega Nash x Monkey Climber unique Parka giveaway!

Mega Nash x Monkey Climber unique Parka giveaway!

In the running up to one of Europe's finest shows, Carp Zwolle that is, the boys at Nash Tackle have teamed up with Monkey Climber magazine over in Belgium to possibly do one of the greatest carpy giveaways ever. Up for grabs is this ZT Caribou Parka completely pimped by Monkey Climber's sewing machine: a MC logo patch on the front, a Keepers of the Faith detail inside, plus this mega, classic We All Come From Apes patch on the back. A truly unique piece for any fans of both brands!

All you have to do is Like and Share the video of Alan Blair on top of our Facebook timeline – and make sure you leave your size in the comments. Alan is wearing a XL version in the vid, but of course the winner will receive another one custom made to his size. The parka will also be showcased at Carp Zwolle on the Monkey Climber stand.

Lucky winner will be drawn by Alan Blair himself, the day after the show, on Monday Feb 3rd, 2020.

Be lucky! X

* Limited, one off only!

* Vintage style with guts for the great outdoors constructed with a hardwearing waterproof outer shell. The Caribou Parka uses high performance hollow fibre filling for warmth with a unique shaggy fleece lining for twin layered insulation.

* Featuring retro duffle toggle fastenings and chunky buttons, and completed with Fractured Nature camo effect trim, oversized hand pockets plus twin chest pockets with additional concealed security pouch pockets.

* The Caribou Parka keeps the elements out with two way chunky convenience zip and storm flap, cuff adjustment, internal drawstring waist and storm hood.

* Soft shell outer 85% polyester, 15% cotton, 220gr/m2

* Waterproof 10,000mm, breathable 3000gr/m2

* Laminated with TPU membrane



Claudia Darga on the MC Syndicate & Win a Ridgemonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster!

Claudia Darga on the MC Syndicate 

To call the Monkey Climber syndicate we run the best lake Belgium might be a bit too much of an honour lol, but it just shows how much fun Hassan, Claudia & the crew had when we had them over a couple of months ago. Angling Direct TV now did a YouTube video on this little roadtrip as well, for you all to enjoy!


Win a ridgemonkey deep fill sandwich toaster

To celebrate this video, Angling Direct is now giving away a Ridgemonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL, exclusive to AD! 

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum pans
  • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Fixed cool-touch handles & riveted hinges
  • Can be used on all traditional stoves (not suitable for induction hobs)

It really is that simple with the RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL! No fuss, no mess, just great toasted snacks every time. It doesn’t just do toasties either: pies, slices, naans, wraps, omelettes, even chips, pizza or a full English breakfast - the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Exclusive Limited Edition featuring a sleek Gunmetal Grey finish, original style fixed handles and riveted hinges.

  • Wash with a clean cloth or sponge in hot soapy water before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe, although hand cleaning of all non-stick products is recommended.
  • Use only utensils and cleaning implements of a non-abrasive nature.
  • Do not soak for prolonged periods.
  • Always use an adequately sized stove.
  • DO NOT OVERHEAT: Use a low-medium heat at all times. 

Instructions For Use:

  1. Fill the toaster baseplate with the snack of your choice (no oil or butter is needed).
  2. Lock the handles and place over a medium heat, turning frequently.
  3. Check your toastie periodically and turn out when done to your liking, being careful not to touch the hot aluminium plates – use of a suitable utensil is recommended.

to win

All you have to do is Like & Share this Facebook post & tag your best mate! Comp ends Sept. 29th, 6pm Euro time.

For all our Benelux followers please also head over to, or check out (in German), (in French) or (in English).

Nash competitie: win een Skinlink pakket!

Nash competitie: win een Skinlink pakket!

Nash Skinlink is tot nu toe ons meest geavanceerde gecoate onderlijnmateriaal. Het is te verkrijgen in een stiff en semi-stiff uitvoering. Dit geweldig materiaal heeft een harde en duurzame coating. Welke zorgt voor sterke knopen die je niet kapot trekt bij het aantrekken van de knoop. Tevens is de coating duurzaam en uiterst slijtvast. Deze eigenschappen zorgen ervoor dat de levensduur van je rig wordt verlengd.

Wat Skinlink onderscheidt van de conventionele onderlijnmaterialen op markt is dat, Skinlink een soepele kevlar binnenkern heeft. Kevlar is enorm sterk en schuurbestendig en daarnaast is kevlar ook een snelzinkend product. Dat zorgt er uiteraard voor dat het onderlijnmateriaal altijd netjes op de bodem gepresenteerd ligt. 

Skinlink is verkrijgbaar in 15, 20, 25 en 35lb in niet-reflecterende gravel-, weed- of silt-matte camouflageafwerking

Advies prijs: €11,95 per rolletje

April comp: Win your ticket to our Heylakker social now!

April comp: Win your ticket to our Heylakker social now!

Did you miss out on our March competition for our Waesmeer social that went to our loyal customer Sam Derhore? No need to cry, we got a new one up for April (in fact ending May 10th, 2019) for Heylakker social in the weekend of June 1st, 2019. Heylakker, as you will know, is one of Belgium's most elusive big fish syndicates with a mega long waiting list. 

Here's your one time chance to participate. Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve again decided to give one place for the weekend away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders anything (big or small) from our Bigcartel from now on until May 10th, 2019 enters the competition automatically (if you buy more than one time in this period, you enter as many times as you bought from us), the winner will be drawn randomly on May 11th, 2019. 

Spread the word & be lucky! 

Shop now from

Win a pair of exclusive Angling Direct Nash Dwarf cork handle rods!

Win a pair of exclusive Angling Direct Nash Dwarf cork handle rods!

Have you missed the promo code for the launch of Angling Direct Benelux over the past couple of days? Don’t worry, we've got a great AD comp starting today and ending March 31st! Just head over to our Facebook page, like and share this competition post and be one of three lucky winners! 

First prize is a set of two Nash Dwarf Rods in a test curve of your choice. Not just any Nash Dwarf rods but cork handle versions which are exclusive to Angling Direct and cannot be bought anywhere else! Runners up will be getting AD Rewards points €50 (2nd winner) and €35 (3rd winner). 

Be lucky peeps!


March Comp: Win your ticket to our Waesmeer social now!

march '19 competition: win your unique ticket to our Waesmeer social!

From April 26th until the 28th Monkey Climber and friends are holding a proper social at the rather exclusive Waesmeer syndicate in Tielrode. Here's your one time chance to participate. Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve again decided to give it away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders anything (big or small) from our Bigcartel from now on until the end of March, 2019 enters the competition automatically, the winner will be drawn randomly on April 1st, 2019 (no, that's not a joke!). 

Spread the word & be lucky! Meanwhile here's some fish to fire your appetite! See below please.

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January Competition: Be the first to own a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer

January competition: Be the first person to own a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer!

Hi peeps, our Dec '18 CC Moore competition has ended with the three lucky winners of free CC Moore bait being: Jan van den Hatert (20 kilos of Pacific Tuna boilies), Nele Debal (20 kilos of Live System boilies) and Robert Tudor (20 kilos of Odyssey XXX boilies). We’re at the beginning of January '19 now, Happy New Yaer y'all, and we’ve got another great prize coming up for this month! This time you have the chance of winning a Nash Scope OPS R6 Transformer! In fact, you will be the very first person to own it!


The Scope OPS R6 Transformer is the neatest way to carry a complete 6 foot set up yet devised, a carryall style design with EVA impact protection lid opening to reveal drop in storage of up to three rigged up rods with reels.

Once rods are removed two top opening zipped compartments carry all your essentials. The larger of the compartments holds tackle, the smaller features a high performance insulated lining to keep bait chilled or food and milk fresh.

Three long zipped external pockets down one side hold a Black Ops Landing Net, banksticks and buzz bars. Three padded pockets on the opposite side hold larger items and an EVA reinforced top pocket keeps keys, phone, wallet and other accessories safe.

The Transformer is all about versatility, it can be carried flat on a barrow, with an elasticated grab handle or via the padded and sculpted shoulder straps and chest linkage, allowing all your kit including rods and reels to be put on your back. When shoulder straps are not in use, a waterproof wipe clean zipped cover keeps them concealed.


New comp: win a Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Recliner Chair & MC Pocket Crew!

Hi peeps, our July competition ended with Yves Laurent being the lucky winner of the Fox Brolly . We’re the second week of August now and we’ve got another great prize coming for this and next month up! This time you have the chance of winning a Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Recliner Chair – Low worth 150 euros, plus we’ll throw one of our brandnew Pocket Crews in your size in!

Product overview

The Solar SP C-Tech Recliner Chair – Low is a luxury recliner chair featuring Solar’s exclusive, 3D DuraDore™ matress, a luxurious, hard-wearing material that is air pocketed for comfort and is extremely lightweight.

The high-tensile aluminium frame features their absolutely unique Spring-Loc leg adjustment system and has three recline settings.

Comes complete with a free, removable accessory bag, which is compatable with all Solar chairs and bedchairs. Seat height before leg adjustment is 36cm from the ground.

Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve again decided to give it away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders (big or small) from our Bigcartel from now on until the end of September, 2018 enters the competition automatically, the winner will be drawn randomly on Sept 30th, 2018. Spread the word & be lucky!

July competition: Win a Fox Ultra 60 Camo Brolly System worth 400 euros

Hi peeps, our May competition ended with Hanno Großmann being the lucky winner . We’re the second week of July now and we’ve got another great prize coming for this month up! This time you have the chance of winning a Fox Ultra 60 Cao Brolly System worth 400 euros!

Product overview

  • Features Ventec Rip Stop fabric in unique Fox Camo that has a 20,000mm hydro static head
  • Supplied with zip-on, fully removable Ultra Brolly Camo Full Front that features three door options: clear PVC, solid Fox Camo and Fox Camo mozzy mesh
  • All doors on front feature two-way zips to create letter box opening
  • Front panel also features side mozzy mesh windows in Fox Camo for added airflow and increased visibility whilst still being protected from bugs
  • Optional Ultra Brolly Camo Mozzy Screen can be added at a later date
  • Supplied with removable internal vapour shield to help reduce condensation and aid comfort (vapour shield can be left attached when packed away)
  • Features button-release STS Equipped mechanism, which allows for maximum headroom
  • 60ins (152cm) design with 8mm Fibreglass frame for incredible stability
  • 4 back ribs touch the ground for added stability
  • Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements
  • Rear mozzy mesh vents in Fox Camo for added airflow
  • Front drain pipe diverts rain water
  • Other features include: rod retaining straps, multiple pegging points for adjustable brolly height, compression bell cap with rubber gasket seal
  • Short threaded centre pole for ease and speed when erecting
  • 4 storm caps (supplied with 2 x 36ins front and 2 x 24ins side storm poles)
  • Protective caps to secure the side storm poles when folded into the brolly once packed away
  • Also supplied with: full size heavy duty groundsheet, heavy duty pegs and heavy duty carry bag with full length zip
  • Main outer fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 12.9kg (everything included), Vapour Shield 600g, Groundsheet 1.4kg

Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve again decided to give it away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders (big or small) from our Bigcartel during the month July enters the competition automatically, the winner will be drawn randomly on August 1st, 2018. Spread the word & be lucky!