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New vid from one of our magazine advertisers, including a massive Dutch mirror

New vid from one of our magazine advertisers, including a massive Dutch mirror

In deze compleet nieuwe serie karperfilms nemen de mannen achter de merken POLEPOSITION, GRADE en SAGA je mee naar de waterkant. Prachtige, spectaculaire en sfeervolle beelden op wisselende locaties en wateren die bol staan van de beleving, actie en uiteraard mooie vissen!

Het is inmiddels eind november en de afgelopen dagen hebben we te maken gehad met flinke nachtvorst. De winter begint echt zijn intrede te doen, maar we laten ons niet weerhouden door een beetje kou en natuurlijk  gaan de opnames voor BANKTIME STORIES gewoon door. Deel 5 alweer! Deze sessie vissen we op Carp Twenty, Nederlands grootste betaalwater net onder de rook van Almelo. De broers Maarten en Jerker doen er alles aan om dit paradijs nóg mooier te maken.  “ Het zal niet makkelijk worden boys, wrijft Maarten er subtiel in, maar ik hoop echt dat jullie wat vangen”. Gaat het de mannen lukken, weten ze een vis te strikken op dit grote, diepe water? Jullie gaan het zien in BTS 5! Enjoy!!!


Sickly inspiring Winter vid with Alan and Thilo, a must watch!

Sickly inspiring Winter vid with Alan and Thilo, a must watch!

If you followed some of Alan Blair's Insta Stories back in Jan and Feb of this year you will have seen snippets of this barren, almost moonscape lake bottom that @thiloschulzefishing @marc_voosen and himself fished - an incredible experience according to the man himself!

You can watch the actual film that Thilo has created now and WOW has he done an epic job . . . . .  In the words of Alan Blair: "It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside him and considering he is still so young himself he has such a MEGA future ahead of him!"

Claudia Darga on the MC Syndicate & Win a Ridgemonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster!

Claudia Darga on the MC Syndicate 

To call the Monkey Climber syndicate we run the best lake Belgium might be a bit too much of an honour lol, but it just shows how much fun Hassan, Claudia & the crew had when we had them over a couple of months ago. Angling Direct TV now did a YouTube video on this little roadtrip as well, for you all to enjoy!


Win a ridgemonkey deep fill sandwich toaster

To celebrate this video, Angling Direct is now giving away a Ridgemonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL, exclusive to AD! 

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum pans
  • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Fixed cool-touch handles & riveted hinges
  • Can be used on all traditional stoves (not suitable for induction hobs)

It really is that simple with the RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL! No fuss, no mess, just great toasted snacks every time. It doesn’t just do toasties either: pies, slices, naans, wraps, omelettes, even chips, pizza or a full English breakfast - the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Exclusive Limited Edition featuring a sleek Gunmetal Grey finish, original style fixed handles and riveted hinges.

  • Wash with a clean cloth or sponge in hot soapy water before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe, although hand cleaning of all non-stick products is recommended.
  • Use only utensils and cleaning implements of a non-abrasive nature.
  • Do not soak for prolonged periods.
  • Always use an adequately sized stove.
  • DO NOT OVERHEAT: Use a low-medium heat at all times. 

Instructions For Use:

  1. Fill the toaster baseplate with the snack of your choice (no oil or butter is needed).
  2. Lock the handles and place over a medium heat, turning frequently.
  3. Check your toastie periodically and turn out when done to your liking, being careful not to touch the hot aluminium plates – use of a suitable utensil is recommended.

to win

All you have to do is Like & Share this Facebook post & tag your best mate! Comp ends Sept. 29th, 6pm Euro time.

For all our Benelux followers please also head over to, or check out (in German), (in French) or (in English).

New Strategy vid: Autumn vibes

New Strategy vid: Autumn vibes

Pieter van de Werfhorst, Koen Koops en Saron Debets bevissen een heldere zandafgraving en dit keer wordt er ook gefilmd met behulp van een onderwatercamera. Uiteraard wordt er gevist en gevangen met het Pole Position Central Shocker System en de nieuwe CS Safety Leadclip. Het resultaat is verbluffend, een film met prachtige (sfeer) beelden, actie en live commentaar, kortom een movie die je niet mag missen!

We live for this shit…

We live for this shit...

We have no commercial ties whatsoever with Korda but a lot of good friends work at their European division. So is their very skilled camera man Roy Vanstreels, who kindly sent us these pics and video about underground angler Nick Turelinckx, a man who is very much MC material. Nick nearly lost his family because of carp fishing, then quit, then came back with a different plan...  

Wofte interviews our main man Gio #abouteric #metoo


Recently our good friends from Wofte interviewed our main man Gio, for Volume 2 of their highly acclaimed Between The Seams series. Pretty proud to be featured in it to be honest, a bit awkward hearing ourselves speaking English too though (lol). Hope you guys like it!

The piece with us starts at 55.01 and ends at 1:15.43. We would highly recommend to watch the full vid, mind blowing stuff really Lew and Tris are doing!