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New Strategy vid: Autumn vibes

New Strategy vid: Autumn vibes

Pieter van de Werfhorst, Koen Koops en Saron Debets bevissen een heldere zandafgraving en dit keer wordt er ook gefilmd met behulp van een onderwatercamera. Uiteraard wordt er gevist en gevangen met het Pole Position Central Shocker System en de nieuwe CS Safety Leadclip. Het resultaat is verbluffend, een film met prachtige (sfeer) beelden, actie en live commentaar, kortom een movie die je niet mag missen!

We live for this shit…

We live for this shit...

We have no commercial ties whatsoever with Korda but a lot of good friends work at their European division. So is their very skilled camera man Roy Vanstreels, who kindly sent us these pics and video about underground angler Nick Turelinckx, a man who is very much MC material. Nick nearly lost his family because of carp fishing, then quit, then came back with a different plan...  

Wofte interviews our main man Gio #abouteric #metoo


Recently our good friends from Wofte interviewed our main man Gio, for Volume 2 of their highly acclaimed Between The Seams series. Pretty proud to be featured in it to be honest, a bit awkward hearing ourselves speaking English too though (lol). Hope you guys like it!

The piece with us starts at 55.01 and ends at 1:15.43. We would highly recommend to watch the full vid, mind blowing stuff really Lew and Tris are doing!  


Operation freedom 90lb+ Du Der common, a historic documentary

Only 48 hours after being able to expose the world’s biggest free living common carp swimming in a tiny paylake, a great bunch of international friends led by Samir Carplifer were able to bring it back to its original home, the mighty Lac du Der. Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast! Full article coming in the Summer issue of our mag, MC#14!

La plus grosse commune du monde retourné au Lac du Der après être volé par un privé. Une histoire des amis internationaux! Soutitré en Français par On s’en FISH.

CYM3 vid out now!

Our Dutch buddies from DCA finally have their third installment of the Catch Your Memories series out! Packed with action, passion and just 100% proper carp, this is a must watch really. Dutch spoken, but even if you don’t understand the language you will just like the vibe, enjoy!