Alan Blair, Oli Davies and Jelle vandaele on a belgium blitzkrieg 

For over half a year Alan Blair, Oli Davies, Jelle and myself had planned a weekend of fishing together, but when the end of October finally came I was seriously out with hand, foot and mouth disease. Something I had never heard of, a painful present from my boy Loki and his nursery... It left me over ten days with high fever and pain, unable to speak, eat, etc. I was totally gutted I couldn't make it, but so in pain I couldn't care less to be honest.

Anyway, the boys had a fabulous time. Fishing a river, a wild pit, a park lake and an inner city canal, all in just 48 hours with even an open day at Hengelsport Depoorter in between! They even caught a few too! 

We asked Oli for some of his mega pics for our blog and finally managed to upload them now. Enjoy!