Some might say Facebook and social media is ruining carp fishing, and to some extent they might be right. All the secrecy gone, everyone and his dog their own opinion and clearly in absolute need to share it with the world, not to mention the keyboard warriors everywhere and those fishing for likes not for fish. We at Monkey Climber firmly believe in the good aspects of the medium though. In fact, it has brought us together with some good, like minded people from all over the world we would never have met without doing Monkey Climber magazine and being all so active about it on social media.

Geoff Kemp zing flavours

Another thing that cheered us op recently is the launch of several really interesting ‘secret’ groups on Facebook. Last week we posted about the Belgian canal one, now it is over to the Oldskool Toys group which is having some amazing posts in the last few weeks.

We have been added to the group by our Dutch friend Mike Gerritsen, big up to you buddy!

mike gerritsen

Mike Gerritsen in ’94, the year we at Monkey Climber started carp fishing 🙂