A Tale of Friendship

Let's face it, peeps, these days there's more shit and backstabbing in carp angling than ever before probably. As you know, with Monkey Climber we try to stay away as far as possible from all of this, and with a clear positive view we try to bring a different wind to today's scene. No (angling) politics for us please, unless in those cases where carp are being harmed or stolen we will speak out.

Anyways, during these 8-9 years we've been running this mag, we've met so many beautiful people and yesterday's occurrence was just the icing on the cake. So Friday night we was set fishing on a fairly new lake to us, fully rammed with anglers unfortunately. Next to us was a couple of old school English anglers, one of which came round on Saturday morning to see if we had caught. Turned out someone with a mutual Belgian friend (of who he robbed his Monkey Climber mug lol), and who also had been fishing in France since '83. On Cassien, the river Lot, Chanty, even on some waters we now fish in Paris ourselves. For one hour we chatted about carping, about Hutchy, about sports, about other aspects in life, about unconditional friendships like the one he had with a traditional French farmer's family on the Lot, etc. and the one we have with our former French intern Lucas.

At 59, this retired fireman showed so much love and made me realize again that family is the most important thing in life, not just a bunch of carp. This good man showed us pics of his grown up children, now 28 and 30, and we chatted about my 2y8months old boy Loki. Both very proud dads with a 20 years age difference perfectly understanding each other.

Needed to leave myself around noon so drove my Transporter past them to say goodbyes. With my window open our new friend came up to my passenger side holding a 20 euro note in the air and pushing it through the open window. "Here", he said, "take this." To be honest, this was feeling very strange at first, even offending in the back of my mind. "I insist", he continued. "No, cannot take it, will not take it", I simply replied. "Hey, this is not for you, but for your son Loki, to buy his first surfboard. I insist. Please."

May sound like a proper fruitcake now, but needless to say I am still touched by this mega gesture. Here's to Steve, big love!