Unbeknown to many outside of the Benelux a lot of fishing over here in Belgium and Holland is being done on public access venues. Problem with a lot of these venues was the stocking of carp; stocks grew old and especially our beloved mirror carp started disappearing really. Because loads of places became 99% common carp waters so to speak, late 90s and beginning 2000 a number of local initiatives were launched to restock mirror carp into the public over here. These were called ‘Spiegelkarperprojecten’ (freely translated as ‘Mirror Carp Projects’) and still exist today.

Last weekend one of these projects started in ’99 in the North of Holland (Groningen area) saw its full culmination with the stocking of no less than 5000 kilo of young K3 mirror carp… Big up to everyone involved, our deepest respect!

The future is bright! As the old Dutch strain of so-called Edelschub (freely translated as ‘High-bred commons’  or even ‘Noble commons’) has started dying of old age too, this particular stocking project will see another similar input of this type of commons next year!

Pics by Willem Barnas