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Traumfish is the German equivalent of dream fish, and what a carp Mitsch Meyer sent us on Instagram! Since the beginning of this year Mitsch started targetting a German Baggersee, an inland see that is. He started off with a fruitless instant session of six nights, after which he changed tactics. Targetting new areas of the giant lake and baiting spots up consistently paid off in this huge 33,5 kilo mirror on his second night back! What a fish! Congratz Mitsch!

Family fishing

family fishing

There's no stopping Dutchman Danny De Kruyff, who featured with a fantastic piece in one of our more recent issues. Next to a busy working and family life he is constantly fishing overnighters, baiting up, etc. Truly someone who breathes carp fishing in the truest sense of the word. Recently he's been out with the family a couple of times and sent us these pics. Enjoy!

Just before lockdown…

Just before lockdown...

Another cool email by one of our followers. Gary had to stop his session because of lockdown, but caught his target fully just in time 🙂 Here's what he emailed us:

Here is a few pics from my last session which ended the day the government declared lockdown. I was supposed to fish for 48hours but I only managed 16hours fishing in total. once I’d done my usual laps of the lake looking for the fish, I actually found the fish and video recorded them where I caught two of these fish from. The fully scaled mirror was a target fish as well so to see it film it and catch it was a huge achievement for me seeing as it doesn’t come out very often. 

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Esterella succes for Max Keuschnigg in April, now limited number of corkballs too

Esterella succes for Max Keuschnigg in April, now limited number of corkballs too

Another mega Covid catch update we received already one month ago from our friend Max Keuschnigg over in Austria:

Hey Gio!

As our Covid 19 restrictions got a bit easier we are allowed to go fishing for 2 weeks now...

me and a friend quickly planned a week of fishing and we got some mega results?

many more fish caught but the ones I send you were ALL caught on your pop ups? esterellas caught the most btw?

Stay healthy bro? Cheers

Our fantastic Esterella pop ups now come as Corkballs too, limited numbers only though! Get them here.

Italian carp on the fly!

Italian carp on the fly!

During Covid-19 quarantine we received a number of inspiring emails, proving carp fishing comes in many forms. Gotta love this one:

Hi Monkey Climber magazine,

i m jampa_fishing (instagram) and i have been practicing fly fishing for several years. in Italy the concept of alternative fly fishing is not developed therefore I am trying to spread it as much as possible through photos, videos and articles on my blog. I am attaching 3 photos from last year, with the hope of returning as soon as possible to walk along those canals.

Thank you!

Kind regards.

Gian Paolo

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Eurobanx 6 out now!

eurobanx 6 out now!

The last instalment of the mega Eurobanx is out now, peeps. And it got 70k views in the first couple of hours alone. As always, Alan and Oli takes us through Europe on a mega adventure. We feature briefly in the first and last night ourselves, and we made it to the epic EB6 closing party in the UK. Watch & enjoy!