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Keeping the Austrian Faith

Keeping the Austrian Faith

As you will know, the Monkey Climber force is strong in Austria. After visiting it as a tourist before, and twice for shows in recent years, we just love the country! If it wasn't for Covid-19 we would now have been fishing there...

The virus has hit Austria badly, especially in its skiing regions, but as it seems, the government is now trying to exit their lockdown gradually. Angling has been forbidden for a long time, but now just allowed again. 

As we are getting a lot of pictures from several friends and faithkeepers over there, we've decided to put these little series of clicks on our Blog as short updates hoping to inspire people that are still under lockdown, just like ourselves.

Here's an update by our Austrian friend Markus Rabl, newschool guy but his pics have a proper oldschool touch we feel. 

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Facebook: Markus Rabl

Instagram: markus_rabl_nashtackle

This is happening now: massive fish kill on French – Belgian river :-(

This is happening now: massive fish kill on French - Belgian river 🙁

We all saw it coming, this massive fish kill on the French - Belgian river Escaut (French) / Schelde (Dutch) that is happening right now. Due to a breach in their reservoir, a French factory's sugar beet pulp just went into the river a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the pollution is massive, we've read figures of 100.000 cubic of highly toxic waste flowing into the river, causing huge oxygen problems. Officials say already 87 kilometres of river is completely dead now, and the pollution is still moving downstream, killing everything along its way.

However, there's some positive news too. Flemish and Walloon fishing authorities are working together like never before, doing as much as they can. Local anglers like Quentin Nackart who allowed us to use these images are trying to save as much fish as they can. Today alone, Quentin and his friends saved over 300 pieces, and there's others who did the same. Following expectations, the worst thing is yet to come in Flanders, where the river connects to several big fish canals.

On social media more and more anglers are prepared to offer a helping hand, some are even prepared to risk Covid-19 fines for leaving their home confinement.

For updates, please check out ANB & Sportvisserij Vlaanderen websites. 

Let's pray for the best! 

For those who can still smile tomorrow…

for those who can still smile tomorrow...

Lots of negativity going round these days, even more on social media. No wonder with the world and our modern day Western world standards at peril... For some of us the main concern seems that angling is temporarily not allowed in most countries, and as much as we would like to go out ourselves, we understand there's bigger things at stake. 

That being said, our Dutch friend Tom de Maat is a bit more lucky than us. Angling is still allowed in Holland and Tom took solitary refuge to some sunny reedbeds and wild banks. Surely no Covid-19 danger there! As he often does, Tom sent a series of mega clicks in and as ever they put a big smile on our quarantined faces. Needless to say we decided to use these on our blog.

You see, there is always hope, my brethren...

Keep safe!

Polder Confessions

polder confessions

Pieter van de Werfhorst en Saron Debets  gaan een kanaal in de Polder bevissen. Het is inmiddels eind maart en de watertemperatuur is zo rond de 7 graden. De kanalen in de polder zijn vaak zeer monotoon en elke onderbreking kan daarom interessant zijn, helemaal in het vroege voorjaar! Een haven, palen, bochten, maar zeker een brug kan als holding fungeren en het is dan ook niet voor niets dat de mannen deze stek hebben uit gekozen. Het eerste succes volgt snel en dit zal vast niet de laatste zijn… Enjoy!