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River Deep video by Paul Bacon

“I’d walked this stretch most days with the dog, pockets bulging with a handful 15mms in each side. After a week of baiting even the dog knew the score, to wait where the river narrowed and watch me throw the baits as close as I could to the overhanging tree.

I was back at the park at the end of the week, this however I was without the dog but with my rucksack, mat and rods. I rounded the corner to something I would become used to – someone fishing just close enough to the spot to mean I couldn’t. A short chat later and I was sat on a bend further up with two singles tucked under the far marginal bushes. Two Hours passed and I was packed up ready to move, I rounded the bend to see if my spot had come free.

It had. The angler was packing his gear down so I practically jogged down to the spot and hung around to make sure i could finally fish the spot I wanted. Within half an hour I had two washed out yellow pop ups on the spot with another three handfuls of 15mms over the top.

I sat back, my legs practically each side of the rod butts. After about half an hour I couldn’t help but have a walk up and down with my film and digital camera to capture some moments in the golden hour. I sat back down and was just watching some video back and then two quick bleeps on the alarm, a rod butt hitting the underside of my leg and eruption under the tree.

The fight was relatively uneventful after the bite, big thanks to the guy who jumped off his bike and helped with the net without me even having to ask – you made it a lot easier! Also a big thanks to the lady on her way back from work who did the photographs and balanced the camera on my rucksack for the video!”

Paul 🙂

The King Bait Shop is back!

Onze West-Vlaamse, artisanale boilietrots The King Bait Shop is terug van weggeweest! Niet dat jullie als klant er veel van gemerkt zullen hebben; onze makker Jeroen Verhoye nam sinds kort de touwtjes van het ambachtelijke bedrijfje over waardoor bewezen toppers als Royal, C.O.C.K., KingFish, Tropical Tuna, Hareng,… terug volop verkrijgbaar zijn voor het grote publiek, én voor de karpers die duidelijk pap lusten van het aas van The King Bait Shop.



Jeroen en de zijnen benadrukken dat The King Bait Shop nooit massaproductie en -verkoop zal nastreven; énkel kleine productieschaal voor iedereen die zijn geliefde vissen nét iets meer wil bieden. Kwaliteit boven kwantiteit dus. Alle aas van The King Bait Shop wordt bovendien 100% met CC Moore ingrediënten gerold, nogmaals het bewijs dat de kwaliteit steeds top is. De klanten van The King Bait Shop weten dit, niet verwonderlijk dat ze behalve lokaal tot ver daarbuiten klanten hebben!




Bij The King Bait Shop zijn ook droge ingrediënten verkrijgbaar. Voor verdere informatie, prijzen en bestellingen contacteer Jeroen Verhoye op 0032 (0)474 53 08 95 of mail

king 6

#WACFA: We All Come From Apes

The international love we receive as a Dutch (Flemish) written zine is enormous, thank you ever so much! We couldn’t help but smiling when we received the picture above by two of our fondest Austrian supporters, both with big smiles, nice carp and repping our badass WACFA shirts.

Especially if you take a minute to think about this shirt’s intentional, clear message: We All Come From Apes also known as the hashtag #WACFA. It’s a simple call for unity in Darwin’s (carp)world gone mad… Represent!

Please note that stocks on this design are running low at the mo, but coming back in some time later this month.