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Fishing at lac du Salagou, what once was a dream is now a memory. A memory of what happened and what could have happened. For me the dream started when I was half the age I am now (29) when I saw a VHS video tape documenting a fishing trip of some English fishermen. You will have to forgive me, I don’t remember the name of the videotape nor the names of the fishermen. The only things I remember are the breath taking atmosphere at the lake, the changing weather conditions and a bunch of common carp. Being 15 years old implies some major issues to fish lac du Salagou so this dream kept on being a dream for many years. Until some years ago when I met Alexander Kobler who became a good friend. He was always telling stories about his fishing trips to well known French lakes like lac de Charmes, lac de Saint-Cassien and lac du Salagou. These stories could only lead to a joint session…

Double the age as when my dream started, I could finally prepare for my first trip to lac du Salagou. Everything had to be ready as the chain would be only as strong as its weakest link. So we prepared for some hardcore fishing as the lake is a reservoir in an old volcanic region and these circumstances push your tackle to the limit. Alex had also chosen some swims which would be good for angling in the end of September. Everything was ready and the plan looked solid!

Arriving at the lake the first disappointment came up. The first view at the lake showed a lot of filled up swims with carp fishermen and even more anglers arriving at the “mise a l’eau”.  Finding an area for four anglers would be a difficult task. After some hours of driving around the lake we found a suitable area at the old village of Pradines. Reaching Pradines means a 2.5 kilometers row.

The first day I didn’t put up my bivvy and just checked out the depths of the area and started prebaiting enjoying a sleep under a million stars.  The next day I brought out the rods and built up my camp. After that the waiting could begin. It took 72 hours before I got my first bite. I had the luck to immediately strike one of the originals of the lake weighing in at just under 40lb. After that, I expected the baiting area to produce more fish but this didn’t happen.

Fishing with friends is really cool but also brings some inconveniences, especially when your prebaited area doesn’t attract a big shoal of fish. I could go and search carp at another swim and wait there alone for another giant. But then I preferred friendship over results and stayed in the camp. To get some action I went for perch fishing with Mad Matze. Fast bites and great action on the spinning rod.

Jens Verschaeren

Salagou is really spiritual space for (carp) fishermen. A place I’d recommend you to go. Maybe u will be convinced after watching this movie Alexander made:

Holidays at Lac de Grand Pétard from Pink Heron on Vimeo.

Please check the splendid blog of Jens too. Dutch only, we’re sorry:


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Focus on the Light

United we standWe’re in this togetherMake a change… those are just but a few classic straplines of the hardcore ethos I grew up with. When I first met Gareth I was more than happy to discover that he was as much into punk rock and HC as I was myself. It appears there’s very few anglers who really dig it, although I did find some Fugazi in Luc De Baets’s collection once but that’s another story. Actually it seemed we had both grown out of the scene a bit (class of ‘80/81 for those in the know) but we still reminisced a lot about those early days and we still both attend a show or two now and then. Hardcore and punk rock have never been mainstream whatsoever, and undoubtedly never will be, or hope to be, and those subterranean ideals reflect to this day in both our later lives. For an outsider at a hectic live show, it may seem as if we’re trying to kill each other, but there’s an exceptional sense of brotherhood, friendship, and above all, revolutionary ideas behind it all.

Being a very critical subculture, hardcore and punk rock also work as a very inspirational point of creativity for so many kids; they start a band, begin drawing, writing, photographing, making ‘zines. Punk Rock was built on a DIY ethos and the latter was really my kind of thing and so in ‘99 me and a mate produced one killer issue of our very own ‘Bonded by Blood’ fanzine. ‘Very own’ is actually very correct too, as we never got to make more than the two copies for ourselves. The spirit was there though, and stayed with me until this day. If you’re unhappy with what is out there, make something yourself to challenge it. It is a simple ethos, but one that is at the very core of what we do.

It was three years ago now when my girlfriend Eve gave me a dummy of what was to become Monkey Climber magazine as a birthday present. We seriously began re-thinking of doing a carp angling ‘zine ourselves. Of course, we had already talked about the idea in the past, but without a publisher it was always going to be hard. Still our discontent grew, the old hardcore values kept my toes curling and seeing how wrong things had gone and how all was being portrayed, we felt like it was time for a change. F**k it, DIY style, and presenting a new angle(r). Or as we put it: ‘old school meets new school’.

We’re two years down the line now and glad to see a change gradually starting to take place all over Europe, despite being a Belgian/Dutch mag it seems a change was exactly what the scene needed. And today, we can only cheer for Subsurface to see the day of light, and to reach an even broader public of lost carp angling souls. Subsurface will undoubtedly be as subversive as we are, and with an ever growing number of anglers with us, we can truly hope for change. Or to say it in HC terms: together we can start a revolution! We’re siked!

Gio MC

Subsurface will be available in Belgium and to whoever who wants in Holland, Germany,… through Monkey Climber magazine. Damage: 30 euros for the mag + 6,40 euros shipping if you live in Belgium, 6,95 euros for all our Dutch friends, Europe 9 euros.


To order, simply pay into our account IBAN = BE27738023294873, BIC/SWIFT = KREDBEBB to Monkey Climber, Maria Theresiastraat 42, 8400 Oostende, Belgium.

MC#3 ran a full interview with Gareth Fareham last Winter. For this occassion, we decided to put it online in English as a FREE read: