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For old school fans only!

As a magazine with a lot of respect and references to the old days, we have a lot of interest in the closed Facebook group Oldskool Toys.

Some great memories on there, some mega pics like this Kevin Ellis one the man himself just posted… Unbelievable really!

If interested, try joining the page and keep it all old school and polite pls 🙂

This is not a page of ours, just wanted to give it some credit for its great work!

5.000 kilo of mirror carp stocked in Holland last weekend

Unbeknown to many outside of the Benelux a lot of fishing over here in Belgium and Holland is being done on public access venues. Problem with a lot of these venues was the stocking of carp; stocks grew old and especially our beloved mirror carp started disappearing really. Because loads of places became 99% common carp waters so to speak, late 90s and beginning 2000 a number of local initiatives were launched to restock mirror carp into the public over here. These were called ‘Spiegelkarperprojecten’ (freely translated as ‘Mirror Carp Projects’) and still exist today.

Last weekend one of these projects started in ’99 in the North of Holland (Groningen area) saw its full culmination with the stocking of no less than 5000 kilo of young K3 mirror carp… Big up to everyone involved, our deepest respect!

The future is bright! As the old Dutch strain of so-called Edelschub (freely translated as ‘High-bred commons’  or even ‘Noble commons’) has started dying of old age too, this particular stocking project will see another similar input of this type of commons next year!

Pics by Willem Barnas

Alijn Danau recaptures The Real Thing after 20 years

Our friend and MC#02 cover star Alijn Danau messaged us this Friday he had caught his long awaited target The Real Thing, a notorious Belgian mirror, at a whopping 31,9 kilos. Alijn already had this fish 20 years ago (and 20 pounds lighter).

Having recently scanned a big number of old Alijn Danau slides here at the MC HQ we just spent some time looking the old photo up for y’all.

More details to the capture (in Dutch) can be found on the CC Moore Benelux Facebook page.


Mis nooit géén magazine meer!

Om onszelf heel wat administratieve rompslomp te besparen, en ook jullie aandacht niet te verliezen (grif toegegeven: we zouden ook wel eens een abonnementje hier of daar vergeten te verlengen) hebben we sinds kort eindelijk met de bank kunnen regelen dat we de abonnementen jaarlijks automatisch kunnen incasseren van onze leden! Daar hebben we wel jullie toestemming voor nodig, mogen we daarom vragen om het volgende document hier te downloaden, in te vullen, ondertekenen en bij voorkeur ingescand (smartphone foto is ook goed) terug te mailen naar Afdrukken en opsturen kan ook naar: Monkey Climber magazine, tav/ Gio Vanhooren, Maria Theresiastraat 42, 8400 Oostende, België.

Ieder najaar wordt vervolgens 15,99 euro van jullie rekening gehaald voor de twee nummers die wij per jaar uitgeven. Zeg nu zelf, wat heb je tegenwoordig nog voor dat bedrag?

Mandaat Monkey Climber NL

Mandate Monkey Climber EN

Voorts hebben we een besloten Facebook groep opgericht enkel voor Monkey Climber abonnees, die de behoefte voelen om ideeën over het magazine uit te wisselen, nieuws, vangsten, enz. te delen. Om het overzicht makkelijk te bewaren voegen we je toe zodra je document automatische incasso in orde is.

Tons of NTEC samples free with every Bigcartel weborder now!

Thanks to our friends at NTEC, a young and dynamic end tackle company deeply rooted in Belgium but with strong international aspirations, we are now able to give away 1 x pack of 9 Hook Samples & 1 x pack of Tungsten Sinkers with each and every purchase from our Bigcartel webstore!

The hook samples (3 of each)  you will find in your parcel are the T-Anti Snag, T-Curve Shank and T-Wide Gape.

We’ve got a couple of hundred samples for y’all, but they are expected to go fast with the upcoming Autumn/Winter purchases on our Bigcartel:

Unieke winactie #ikwilmetpostvissen

24u op pad met Post!

Jullie kennen ‘m wel: de immer goedlachse, ĂŒbersympathieke Martin Post. De vrees van menig karper, Ă©n hit&run specialist ten top. In samenwerking met Monkey Climber magazine kan je als abonnee nu een kans maken op een vierentwintiguurse late najaars-/wintersessie met deze Noord-Hollandse topgozer. 99% vangstgarantie, we believe.

En dat is nog niet alles! Aangezien Martin ook de man is achter het jonge aasbedrijf Originals en daarnaast samen met Harnold Kikkert De Tacklebox runt, doen we er nog een stevige schep bovenop. De winnaar van deze social krijgt namelijk ook nog een compleet Originals Maple Pistache aaspakket, en een shoptegoed t.w.v. maar liefst 150 euro bij De Tacklebox!


Hoe deelnemen?

Simpel! Mail ons je favoriete (vangst)foto met daarbij je naam, adresgegevens en telefoonnummer op of hashtag je pics met #ikwilmetpostvissen op social media.

Deelnemen kan tot 31/10/2017, actie voorbehouden voor Monkey Climber abonnees.

Urban Banx X Monkey Climber Mixtape – Alan Blair

Bouncing off the walls! As promised in the Alan Blair interview in our most recent mag MC#12, here’s a truly unique Urban Banx mixtape by the man himself. Play by clicking the image below:


Burial & Four Tet – Nova

Kano (Rmx ft KT) – Nobody Don’t Dance No More

High Contrast – If We Ever

Booka Shade – In White Rooms

Lana Del Rey (Camo & Krooked Remix) – West Coast

Roy Davis Jnr – Gabriel 

La Roux (Skream Mix) – In For The Kill

Counting Crows – Mr Jones

Dilated Peoples – Worst to Comes to Worst 

The Streets – Blinded By The Lights

Matti Blair – The Woods

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl 


Nutrabaits x Monkey Climber Ltd. Ed. Saffron & Cream / Liver Supreme pop ups

Limited Edition pop ups. We have worked closely with the lads at Nutrabaits over in the UK to produce these very special pop ups. The flavour combination has been carefully chosen by us, as used very successfully by our editor Gio Vanhooren back in the 90s and thus very old skool! The pop ups have been put through rigorous trials again and have come out with flying colours. They are available in 12mm & 16mm and in a washed out pink Saffron & Cream and a bright white Liver Supreme.


Washed our pink in colour, these pop ups combine dramatically boosted levels of the much whispered about Nature Identical Saffron flavour and our Cream Cajouser enhancer; a blend of attractors that ensure they come up with the goods throughout the twelve months of the year.

Ideal for use as single hookbait or as the buoyant part of a snowman presentation when used along with the ‘straight from the bag’ bottom bait of your choice. If you are looking for a pop up that is selective in terms of the better sized fish: look no further!


The combination of boosted levels our Nature Identical Liver flavour and an undisclosed fruit flavour, rounded off by the optimum inclusion rate of the incomparable Sweet Cajouser produces a Pop Up that seemingly stops virtually everything that swims in its tracks, irrespective of water temperatures or time of the year.

White in colour – which only serves to add to their attraction qualities – they are ideal for any type of water or for any type of pop up application.

Limited amount available only, get them from our Bigcartel through the direct link here.


Group of French carp anglers attacked, one might even lose eye

A group of French carp anglers doing a social with their club on the night stretch at Jugon-les-Lacs (Dept. 22) have been ruthlessly attacked by a group of Romanians this weekend.

Apparently tensions between the two groups already during began daytime when the Romanians tried poaching some fish at the lake, leading to a major disagreement with the carp anglers present. After having already returned in group but stopped by the police who were yet present, at night, three Romanians silently returned armed with iron bars, sticks with needles and pins, and an aggressive dog, jumping on their sleeping victim, Mr Gaetan Portier, president of the club. Several carp anglers were injured (mostly bruised), Gaetan’s wife said to local media, but Gaetan himself still is in hospital fighting not to lose his eye. And even if he doesn’t, it still remains quite unpredictable if his sight will ever recover.

Again according to first hand witnesses we received, two carp anglers who knocked out two of Gaetan’s aggressors now risk serious prosecution as these two needed to be hospitalised as well. Can you believe this?

For those who care, please send your wishes to Gaetan himself on his FB profile!