Order from us in February and win a CC Moore Corkball Roller set!

Dear brothers and sisters of the angle, we’ve got another great prize coming up! This time you could be the lucky one to own a complete CC Moore Corkball Roller set! This includes the following:

  • 1x 15mm Corkball Roller
  • 1x Pacific Tuna Hard Hook Bait Mix
  • 1x Fluoro Pink Hard Hook Bait Mix
  • 1x 12mm Corkballs
  • 1x branded black CC Moore mug

Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve decided to give it away to our loyal customers: anyone who orders anything (big or small) from our Bigcartel store by the end of February enters the competition automatically, winner will be drawn randomly on March 1st, 2018. Spread the word & be lucky!

Preppin’ ourselves for the Carp Zwolle 2018 show!

Fully preparing for the Carp Zwolle 2018 show right now. Who of you will we be seeing on Feb 2-3-4?

We will have tons of stock with us this time, and some exclusive new stuff as you might have expected from us:

  • Brandnew magazine, MC#13 already #printisnotdead
  • Original monkey climber indicators, as part of our newest collab with Matrix Innovations #needlesandsticks
  • Soldier G shirts, freshest addition to the ever growing Merch range #itsokay(not)topay
  • Mk. 2 sticker packs #getsticky

Order from us before the end of January and win a complete Nash PinPoint set!

Hi peeps, we’ve got another great prize coming up! This time you could be the first one to own a complete Nash PinPoint hook sharpening set including some of Nashies latest new hook samples! Instead of doing the usual like and share, we’ve decided to give it away to our loyal customers: everyone who orders (big or small) from our Bigcartel during the month January enters the competition automatically, winner will be drawn randomly on Feb 1st, 2018. Spread the word & be lucky!

An eerie eel story…

Come to think of it I’ve lost a good eel as well.

At the time I was only 16 years old, and the big eel madness had just begun. After two years of fishing well known and too heavily fished lakes with my pb at around 1lb – eels are taken for eating most of the time in Belgium, as most will know by now – I got word of a very small pond not too far away from my home, that was supposed to hold a good eel or two. Now a good eel around here is anything 2lb+ but I was happy to finally get a decent chance of a ‘monster’.

The first time me and my dad went there, was on a hot summer’s day. We only fished day sessions at the time, but most waters were quite murky here back then, so we stood a chance of catching something. Halfway through the day and not having had a bite yet, suddenly the wind started picking up, and within ten minutes a heavy thunder storm had us clinging onto our tiny umbrella. We weren’t exactly equipped like we are these days you know. But, by the time the storm had passed, the first piece of Styrofoam (that we put on the line by the rod tip as an indicator) was away. That run stopped after only a few yards, but the next one didn’t. This fish upped my pb by 2lb. It was caught on a heavy beach rod and Daiwa reel which, thinking about it now, had too thin (30/00) a nylon line on it. It hadn’t been able to take any line, and we got it into the net quite easily I remember.

All went quiet for an hour or two, and then it happened. The same rod was away again, and this fish swam off with my live bait like a bat out of hell. Back then I waited for the second run before striking, and when I finally did, it started taking line off the drag like I had a steamboat on! Being so young and inexperienced I somewhat panicked, and honestly my dad just stood there in awe as well. So I did what I had to do, and simply gave the drag a turn or two. Half a second later the main line was cut through. When I reeled in it was heavily frayed. This site was an old dumping ground I later found out. To say I was absolutely gutted is an understatement. I have no idea how big this fish was, and have never had another eel take line like this since. There were no other predatory fish in this pond. Unfortunately fishing there was to be forbidden one year later. During the next twelve months my parents dropped me off a couple of dozen times, still only day sessions as I wasn’t allowed to fish nights, and I did manage to catch a couple of 2lb’ers more, but nothing like I had hooked on that very first session.

I still drive by it sometimes, just having a look at the now very much overgrown patch of water, which seems to have shrunk over the years. A tiny bit of water, but with such a big impact…


KOTF shirts now available in Burgundy too!

Having used the hashtag #keepersofthefaith for a while now, we decided to print some sweet Keepers of the Faith shirts and hoodies with the design our editor Gio drew up for the tattoo on his arm. Featuring a candle burning ‘Monkey Climber’ with the initials K.O.T.F. on the front, full Keepers of the Faith anthem on the back. To be honest, another proper hardcore inspired design, for those who dig our fav band Terror. Firstly we only did them in black, but now we have them in Burgundy too. Get them here!

One hour vid Return to Paradise

Carp fishing in the USA. Our Italian friend Enrico Parmeggiani joins Ciprian Muresan for a crazy 10 day session on the magical Dale Hollow Reservoir.

Still going ape in 2018

After two months of not being able to fish due to several deadlines, our baby boy, normal jobs, rebuilding the new house, etc. we spent the last night of 2017 on the bank. Visiting four venues in only 24h Andreas aka The Promise and myself both managed a carp in less than two hours from a tricky venue. Happy times and saying goodbye to 2017 in style.

Anyway, we just wanted to thank you all for your continuing support and wish you all the best in 2018. The past year has been crazy for us really, motivating us massively to keep banging our alternative drums even louder than ever. Our main new year’s resolution? To finally print that long awaited English version of the magazine, promised!

May the force be with you!

Keying cars for the right cause :-)

When Peter Huizing sent us his amazing piece on the time he spent on a huge Dutch complex, he sent us a shitload of old slides. On one particular occasion, first fishing nearby than right in the middle of a gay meeting place, Peter’s friend Ruud had his mother’s car keyed with the word ‘Homo’. Unfortunately Peter could not find the old slide of it and we desperately wanted to include it in our magazine. So we went the extra mile ourselves and asked our local car seller Maene in Bekegem if we could key one of his second hand’s up :-))))

Watch video here