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MC#13 Reasons to be Cheerful, blog by the author

“Gio Vanhooren (oprichter, uitgever, eigenaar, en uiterst sympathieke karpervisser) ken ik al sinds de oprichting van Monkey Climber, hét lifestyle magazine voor karpervissers, en dan niet alleen in het Nederlandstalig taalgebied. De Engelsen kunnen het niet lezen, maar ze zijn desondanks toch abonnee. Ik ben niet heel goed geïnformeerd meer wegens te veel jaren van desinteresse in de karperscene, maar denk dat het het eerste blad was wat ‘alternatief’ ging. Zelfs nog vòòr Subsurface. En of het de hipsterlifestylekarperscene in NL en B heeft voortgebracht òf dat het door een toch niet tegen te houden symbiose van verschillende ontwikkelingen in de karperwereld (it’s okay NOT to pay) van seconde 1 af aan is meegereisd, durf ik niet te zeggen, al neig ik naar het eerste, maar dat MC toonaangevend is staat voor mij als een paal boven water. En dat de fans ook gelijk FAN zijn blijkt ook uit alles, de lifestyle komt uit al hun poriën. Heerlijk om zo’n tegenbeweging te zien op bijvoorbeeld de laatste Carp Zwolle (2018).”

Read full blog piece on Walkabouts Visavonturen!

How to further pimp your limited edition CCM Monkey Nutz pop ups

Last time at the Carp Zwolle show we sold the exclusive Monkey Climber x CC Moore collab Monkey Nutz pop ups. Loads of people asked us for a booster liquid too, which is not available.

But here’s the good news: you can easily pimp yours now with this new CC Moore Peanut Butter flavour around which the Monkey Nutz are built.

Maybe add a couple of drops Talin and some Fructose or Lactose powder to the mix as well 🙂



Revamping the OG Monkey Climber vibe

Another fantastic collab we do with the boys at Matrix Innovations Ltd. is now up on our Bigcartel. After years of trying to get these done Anthony at Matrix finally agreed to make us a limited run of original monkey climbers!

These sweet little babies (coming in two lengths and two colours) are the very reason this magazine exists: we didn’t have any money for bite alarms back in the day and the most exciting thing to happen was the monkey climber getting smacked up against the blank.

We do these for as a low as 25 euros per complete piece! The 25 cm ones are made for the new generation fishing their rods closer to the ground.

Don’t miss out & order now!

MC#12 Abenteuer Kanal, the vid

Canal fishing on the Continent logically makes one think of the big canal systems in Belgium and Holland. In our previous magazine, MC#12, we had Sven and Sebastian, a couple of cool Germans, explaining the rich German canal history and experience they share. Now these boys made a little vid for us… Enjoy!

Amazing footage: 30 years of Cassien

Only last week we were still sat on the same restaurant table as Steve and his lovely Joan having a nice meal in the days prior to the Zwolle show. The subject everyone was talking about was the 30 years of Cassien trailer which had just dropped. The full vid itself, containing live footage from the mid 90s up until now, was launched during the show days.

Needing to have surgery after the show myself, I could watch the new Nash vid from my sick-bed only today. Having known the place for so many years and from first hand stories Hutchy and local Ivan told me, I could once again kick myself in the nuts not having paid the legendary lake with a visit during its hayday…