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KOTF shirts now available in Burgundy too!

Having used the hashtag #keepersofthefaith for a while now, we decided to print some sweet Keepers of the Faith shirts and hoodies with the design our editor Gio drew up for the tattoo on his arm. Featuring a candle burning ‘Monkey Climber’ with the initials K.O.T.F. on the front, full Keepers of the Faith anthem on the back. To be honest, another proper hardcore inspired design, for those who dig our fav band Terror. Firstly we only did them in black, but now we have them in Burgundy too. Get them here!

One hour vid Return to Paradise

Carp fishing in the USA. Our Italian friend Enrico Parmeggiani joins Ciprian Muresan for a crazy 10 day session on the magical Dale Hollow Reservoir.

Still going ape in 2018

After two months of not being able to fish due to several deadlines, our baby boy, normal jobs, rebuilding the new house, etc. we spent the last night of 2017 on the bank. Visiting four venues in only 24h Andreas aka The Promise and myself both managed a carp in less than two hours from a tricky venue. Happy times and saying goodbye to 2017 in style.

Anyway, we just wanted to thank you all for your continuing support and wish you all the best in 2018. The past year has been crazy for us really, motivating us massively to keep banging our alternative drums even louder than ever. Our main new year’s resolution? To finally print that long awaited English version of the magazine, promised!

May the force be with you!